DAREcember 2018: Putting style back into the silly season

By Andrea Michelle

December is such an exciting time of year, filled with loved ones and the tingly anticipation of The Big Day.

And it’s also a month where it’s easy to get caught up in the silliness: the social engagements, the menu plans, the shopping, the wrapping, and OMG the diplomacy!

Diplomatically navigating away from tipsy Simon from Accounts at the work Christmas party; diplomatically explaining to little ones why they may not get that giraffe they really want for Christmas; and diplomatically navigating social obligations with our well-meaning relies and friends.

So, more often than not, the focus is on everyone else, and there’s not much time for ourselves.


DAREcember is a fun way to put the focus back on you, in little ways, each day throughout the silly season

The idea is simple: DAREcember is a challenge for you to experiment with hair, beauty, and fashion and rock a different look every day in December.

DAREcember is the culmination of over seven years of Style Dares on Fox in Flats where we’ve been encouraging ourselves to step out of our comfort-zones, haul ourselves out of our fashion ruts, shake off our day-to-day uniforms, and spice things up a little.

Because it’s so easy to fall into a rut with fashion and beauty, grabbing the familiar and shrugging it on, shoving our hair into the same ‘do, slapping the same cosmetics onto our faces, and accessorising with the bare essentials. And in doing so, were ignoring exciting sartorial opportunities.


Doing the DAREcember style challenge will force you to really look at what you’ve got in your wardrobe, and how you put your look together with fresh, fun eyes. And most of the challenges you can create with what you already own.


But, like that scrappy kid in the playground who dared you to tell Jason* that you had a crush on him when you were 10, some of the style dares on the list might freak you out a bit. And they’re designed to do that.

Just like telling your crush you’re into him, DAREcember can be a bit daunting at times. But I’m willing to bet on all the Jason’s born in 1972 that by the end of the month you’ll have discovered a bunch of new looks, a new-found confidence in your sense of style, and you’ll be getting double-takes and compliments from those who see you day-to day.

It’s a tried and tested formula based on over seven years of laying down style dares on Fox in Flats, and every day is designed to make you feel good and re-kindle you with your personal style, without the smooshiness and teeth-clinking of that first pash.


Here’s how to play:

  • Download or screen grab the prompt list below and bookmark this blog post
  • Each day, check the Style Dare for that date and plan your look using that as inspo. Note: if you’re not sure what the heck we’re referring to or thinking of for the daily prompt, there’s a bunch of tips and ideas in this post to follow, and I’ll be sharing more on the Fox in Flats Instagram and Facebook each day. Or, you can message me if I’ve been far too obtuse 😉
  • Get dressed and conquer.

If you like, take a snap of your look and share your styling handiwork on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter #DAREcember a #FoxinFlatsStyleDare and tag @FoxinFlats. This part is up to you, but I can also guarantee that it’s one of the best parts of the challenge. Because, from experience, the community of women who’ll join in will be supportive and encouraging and make you feel as elated as a pre-teen kid getting a JB Hi-Fi voucher in their Santa Stocking.


So saddle up sisters and get ready for the annual seasonal sartorial ride. Here’s this year’s list:


Not quite sure what some of these mean? Let us DAREsplain:


1. Red Lipstick

A swipe of red lippy is a quick, easy way to add some Holiday cheer, so let’s kick off DAREcember with a sexy powerful pout.

A little gun shy? Check out these tips and tricks and don’t look back:

How to apply red lipstick that lasts through a drink, a feast and a kiss

Why red lipstick can make you feel more empowered, more glam, and more awake

Foxy Chats: Red Lipstick


2. Dotty

No doubt we’re already feeling a bit dotty about hearing Mariah bang on about what she wants for Christmas for the gazillionth time, so let’s drown her our by dousing ourselves in spots and dots.

Want to up-level your look (and avoid looking like Minnie Mouse), why not mix your polka with another print? Some easy tips here: How to mix prints without looking like you got dressed in the dark.


3. Buckle up

Take your inspo from the big bearded guy in the red suit who sports a massive one around his belly, but show him how it’s done: a cinched waist will emphasise your figure, and a belt can add polish to a plain outfit.

Try one over a knit, a blazer, or add to a dress. If it is long enough, try a knot instead of buckling it.


4. Rainbow

Work your Rainbow Connection! See how many colours you can combine without looking like you’ve been attacked by a 3 year old with a packet of crayons.


5. Scarf

There’s a way to style a scarf to suit any kind of weather, and we’ve found 106 of them for you to try.


6. LBD

Like a reliable partner, the Little Black Dress can easily be taken for granted. So take yours on a hot date – even if it’s during the day. Try dressing it down for a change with flat sandals or ballet flats and a casual ponytail.

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7. Welcome to the jungle

From greens to neutrals, hunt big fashion game.


8. Ruffles

Because flouncy, flippy frills make everything fun!


9. Blue baby

Let’s double denim, or do Sinatra proud and get our ‘ol blue eyes singing! Try blue hues in shadow, mascara, or even blue-rimmed shades.


10. Stripes

Nautical is never naughty, just don’t go overboard.

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11. Ever Green

Kermit said “It’s not easy being Green” Prove him wrong.

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12. Layers

Treat yourself like that chair in the room where you dump all the things you’ve tried on and haven’t got around to putting away yet – but with a bit more consideration.

Try bracelets, cuffs and a watch dancing together on your wrist, a mound of necklaces, a stack of rings, layers of singlets, vests over shirts topped with jackets… am I laying on the point too thick?

Simply pick a common theme or tone and get creative.

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13. Sharp

Get to the point in crisp collars, sharp tailoring, or asymmetrical cuts.

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14. Orange Kiss

One of our all-time favourite Style Dares, as it usually makes people more scared than Winona Ryder as the Mum on Stranger Things.

Yet as veteran Fox in Flats DARE-devils will attest, it’ll wake up your look and whiten your teeth faster than a slap in the face and a ZOOM treatment.  If you’re yet to tango with tangerine, today’s the day to do it.

My faves? REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick Matte in Fiery Sunset, MAC Morange, or if you’re really daring, Chanel Rouge Allure ‘Exentrique’.


15. Sequins

Lady GaGa said “I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time.” Change yours today by sprinkling yourself liberally with glitter, and be reborn.

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16. His

Sometimes, expanding your wardrobe is as easy as nicking some of his stuff. His shirt, his belt, his favourite band T-shirt, or his tie. Steal it, work it (and if you love it, keep it!).

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17. Foxy Flats

French style icon Inès de La Fressange went on the record to say “Finally, people understand one doesn’t need to wear high heels to look sexier,” but you already knew that, right? So today, flaunt your most fabulous flats.


18. Geek chic

Button up and don your specs, because today it’s The Revenge of The Nerds. Think neat and tidy, accessorised with Star Wars merch. Calculator or library books optional.


19. Vintage

Whether it’s a treasure from your Nan or a pre-loved bargain you snatched up, time to dust off that special something something.

The key to pulling this off without looking like you’re on the way to a fancy dress party is teaming statement vintage pieces with closet classics like denim jeans, a white shirt, or a blazer. Karl Lagerfeld pontificated about this here: 4 things every person should have in their wardrobes And if you’re new to gold-mining: 5 tips for bagging a thrift store bargain


20. Sassy pants

Everyday this starts with your knickers, obvs. But for today, reach for the pants in your ‘drobe with the biggest ‘tude. And wear them with a wink.


21. Tied

Lengths of ribbon, strips of leather, a scarf, a shirt, or your hair.  Get creative with your What Knot.

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22. Pure Gold

Golden hues add instant warmth and sex appeal. From eye-shadow to dresses or sandals, make like a Bond Girl and glow.


23. Nailed it

You’re on the home stretch! Reward yourself by finding the time to treat yourself to a fresh mani. Extra points for whacking red polish on your digits – this sexy, strong classic is an instant way to get into the Christmas theme without a cheesy motif in sight.


24. Baubles

Why should the tree get all the fun? Adorn your lobes with a grab-bag of delicious sweet, shiny things – the bigger the better.


25. White Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Bing’s song is a classic for a reason: everyone looks beautiful in white.

Crisp or ethereal, rugged in faux or dreaming of snow, let it glow, let it glow, let it glow!


26. Shady

It’s nearly the New Year and the future’s so bright!


27. Check it out

Whether you call it plaid or gingham, Kriss-Kross is gonna get ya “Wiggeddy, wiggeddy, wiggeddy, whack!”


28. Swishy

From hair to skirts, get things moving. Nothing makes you feel more fun, flirty, and fierce.


29. Floral

Whether it’s as simple as a sweet-smelling frangipani tucked behind your ear on the way to the beach, or the latest in digital floral fabrics, it’s time to get your bloom on. Find 7 ideas on how to work flowers into your outfit here.


30. Beachy

You don’t need to have sand between your toes to pull this off. Just think loose, fresh, and natural.

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31. Sparkles!

Get your glitter on and shake those sequins for New Year’s Eve, 2019! Drinking sparkly bubbly stuff is, of course, mandatory. Happy New Year!


I’ll be sharing more tips, ideas and inspiration on Instagram and Facebook and for that day’s challenge throughout DAREcember, so if you’re not following us already stop in and say “hi!”


We love to see your styling handiwork!

Seeing how everyone interprets the daily style challenges, and getting a peek into the day-to-day lives of women around the world is a huge part of what makes the Fox in Flats Style Dares like DAREcember so fun.


You’ll find that in doing DAREcember and sharing your photos you’ll get so much more out if it than just style inspiration. Thousands of women around the world join in each year and everyone is unbelievably supportive, inspiring and encouraging.


Share pics of your daily Style Dare efforts with us on Instagram, the Fox in Flats Facebook page, or Twitter, using #DAREcember a #FoxinFlatsStyleDare and tag @FoxinFlats


This prompt list is custom-built for Instagram to share with your followers so they know why the heck you’re suddenly posting selfies every day this month.

DAREcember has become a Christmas tradition with so many over the last seven years. If you’re a veteran, welcome back! And if you’re a newbie, strap in for a ride that’s more fun than Santa’s sleigh.


And in keeping with the standard rules of any good Dare, if you’re too afraid to join in with DAREcember, we’ll call you ‘Chicken’! (or maybe ‘Turkey’ given the season and all) 


Here’s to putting style back into the silly season. Have fun, and I’ll see you on Insta and Facebook giving it a crack myself!  



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*Or whatever totally common name was The Thing for boys when and where you grew up. Suburban Adelaide in the early 80’s was rife with little dudes named Jason.