Are your favourite jeans the perfect length to wear with your heels, but bunch up weirdly around your ankles when you wear flats? Or do the pants that drape perfectly with your pumps drag on the ground when you’re wearing loafers?

If you’re spending more time in flat shoes these days, you might want to consider hemming your pants to a length that suits the shoes you wear most frequently. Yet if you’ve got pant-length-commitment issues, or tend to avoid a sewing needle like you avoid a doctor’s needle (greetings friend!) here are 3 ways to instantly – and temporarily – hem your pants to the perfect length.

1. Hollywood Tape

After Nipplegate 2004, we all rushed out to get Hollywood Tape lest we have a Janet Jackson-style ‘wardrobe malfunction’ at the next kindy afternoon tea. Happily, you can also use regular Hollywood Tape as a quick, temporary fix to a too-long hem. Simply adjust the length of your jeans to suit your shoe height, stick on the tape, and you’re ready to go. To take the jeans back to their original length, just peel the tape off. Easy. Great for maxis and pants too. Hollywood Tape $6.15


2. Hem Gems

These decorative studs are designed for temporary hemming. Cute, removable and reuseable, they allow you to show the original stitched hems of your jeans. Hem Gems $19.99


3. Hemming My Way


Created by Aussie actress, Melissa George, Hemming My Way is a snap device that sticks underneath your jeans or trousers. Simply snap under your long hem for flats, unsnap to slip back into heels. Hemming My Way $8.99 for 16


Finally, you could always take on-board what Oprah’s fashion advisor Adam Glassman says: “When you find the perfect pair of jeans, buy two, then hem one pair for flats, the other for heels.”  Sage advice Ads, and I wish.


Any tips and secrets for changing the length of your jeans, fast? Or are you somewhat Oprah-esque and buy your favourites in multiples?


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  • I use micropore – nurses tape! I have loads of it at home and have used it for hemming curtains, clothes and even as the occasional emergency button replacement.

      • Jenn, that’s exactly what i was going to say. I always have Micropore in my handbag. Easy and leaves no marks. A colleague even had to use it for an embarrassing pants split situation and it worked like a charm 🙂

        You should be able to get it in any chemist.

        • I’ve moved on from micropore to transpore.  Awesome and rips down evenly without scissors.  Best invention ever, except for the internet and baking paper.

          • The two best inventions are the internet and baking paper.  I use it constantly in cooking and nothing ever sticks anymore.   I don’t have any strange uses for it, if that’s what you were thinking.  I just think it’s the greatest stuff.

          • It’s called parchment paper…stops cookies from burning….and things don’t stick to it.

    • Do they hold up well? I use it on my skin for its original purposes and it always seems to fall off all too soon (maybe I bang around too much). Does it work well for fabrics?

    • Ye, it’s an awesome tip. I did that when I found a great pair of red jeans at Zara in Copenhagen for $18, and bought them in orange too. Wait! That was buying 2 pairs in different colours… LOL. Only thing with this tip is it kinda busts my jeans budget if you’re buying a pair of G-stars 🙁

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