5 Things Of His You Should Steal

steal his white shirt

By Andrea Michelle

Sometimes, expanding your wardrobe is as easy as nicking some of his stuff.

So while he’s mowing the lawns, emptying the bins, or doing some other stereotypically-male job that keeps him out of your hair for a bit, rip into his wardrobe and rip these things off:


1. His tie

Yeah, you could wear it hanging loosely ’round your neck in the tomboy-chic Annie Hall kind of way, but why not use it as a belt?

mens tie as a belt


2. His favourite band T-Shirt

Granted, you’ve gotta be into the band to pull this one off, and having similar taste in music with your partner can be as likely as having exceptional relationships with every member of his family.

But if you’ve got common ground when the tunes are cranked, sneak off with your man’s vintage band Tee, and work it back with piles of blingy bling, a bright lip, and a bit of rock n’ roll mama ‘tude. More tips on working the look here.

ramones t shirt


3. His white shirt

My husband and I have a recurring squabble over who owns a particular Morrissey shirt, both of us vehemently believing that we had it first. The problem is quite easy to solve. Simply let him think it’s his, and then, while he’s in the shower, button it up loosely with your favourite jeans, roll the sleeves up, and dowse yourself with your most sexy, womanly fragrance. It’ll throw him off the scent of the shirt that day, and possibly long term. Score!

white shirt by fox in flats


4. His belt

It’s probably much bigger than yours, which makes it perfect for this styling tip: instead of buckling it around your waist, tie it up. It’s relaxed chic at its best.

mens belt tied up


5. His singlet

A mens ‘wife beater’ – like the classic white version from BONDS – is perfect for layering under longer tops, cardigans, blazers, dresses or tunics. And when you’re in the early stages of pregnancy – or in those awkward months afterwards when your body is still recovering – the extra length is a great way to cover-up your tum. I lived in these in summer when my babies were tiny, layered over a coordinating breastfeeding tank.

steal his wife beater


Anything of his we’ve missed that’d make a fine addition to our wardrobes? Hit me, quick, while he’s busy firing up the BBQ!


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