15 timeless beauty tips that won’t break the bank

timeless beauty tips

By Andrea Michelle for Pears

Quick quiz! Name three woman you think define timeless beauty.

If your mum is one of the women you thought of, you’re not alone. A recent poll by Pears* found Australian women ranked the beauty of their mothers higher than famed local hotties like Nicole Kidman and Sarah Murdoch.

And ironically, the main reason isn’t immediately visible. According to the research, it’s those timeless beauty tips passed down from mother to daughter – which are more about natural beauty and inner confidence than youth and makeup and expense – that have the most profound influence on us, and the way we define beauty.

So what are some of those tips that have stood the test of time? We asked some buddies to share what their mums shared with them and came up with this list:


Love your laugh lines

They’re a sign you’re living a happy life.

Love your laugh lines Andrea Michelle Fox in Flats (1)


Keep your eyebrows groomed

One of the first thing people look at when they see you are your eyes – and your brows are the frames. So don’t let them get dusty. Invest in a professional to shape them for you (which some claim to be as effective as a face lift), and keep them groomed. A cursory look and a quick pluck each day will keep them in check easily. Just note: eyebrow hair gets more sparse as we age, so go easy because they may not grow back!


Sleep on your back

It’ll prevent one side of your face from getting more wrinkled when it’s smooshed into the pillow, and will encourage fluid build up to drain away from your eyes as you snooze.


Be gentle

In your words to other people, in your touch, and in the way you treat your skin. Cleansing with products containing glycerin and natural oils like Pears Oil Clear Soap will avoid drying out your skin and stripping it of the natural oils it needs.

Pears Soap


Kiss passionately

Giving your love a gentle peck is sweet. But a longer, stronger kiss will use more facial muscles, keeping you looking younger (not that you needed an excuse to pash, right?!)


Scrub it off

Regular gentle exfoliation of your body with a loofah or wash cloth while in the shower will keep skin soft and supple. Lather up with a body wash that conditions without drying like Pears Shower Gel which is 100% soap-free.


Smile, and you will shine!

Audrey Hepburn said it best: “The happiest girls are the prettiest girls.”


Treat yourself with sensitivity

Even if you don’t think of your skin as ‘sensitive’, it’s worth treating it that way. Products that are dermatologist tested and suitable for sensitive skin tend to reduce the chance of breakouts and inflammation, regardless of your actual skin type. The Pears range is designed for sensitive skin of all ages, so it’s safe for your little ones and the whole family. Plus it’s much cheaper than fancy, expensive brands.


Keep makeup natural-looking

Let the beauty of your skin show through. So instead of covering it with heavy foundation – which is ageing – try a tinted moisturiser or a sheer foundation with light-reflecting properties.

Keep makeup natural looking Andrea Michelle Fox in Flats (1)


Imperfection is beauty

Show me your freckles, your gapped teeth, your weirdly shaped thumb, or that belly that’s not flat, and I’ll show you photos of some of the most celebrated beauties in the world. Because instead of perfection, what Kate, Lauren, Megan and Marilyn (who’s original “Imperfection is beauty” quote we’ve borrowed to make this point) all have in common that made them so beautiful is confidence. So work on building up yours.


Get sweaty

Exercise increases blood flow to the skin, and ramps up sweat glands to expel the toxins that clog pores and cause pimples.


Protect your hands

Hands tend to show the first sign of ageing, so to slow this process, look for gentle, PH-balanced, soap free products. Pears Hand Wash is good because it conditions the skin as it cleanses.

Pears Hand Wash Fox in Flats


Embrace your age, and the ageing process

Each year that passes is a gift and a privilege denied to many, so wear your age with pride.


Enjoy the sun

Fresh air and vitamin D will brighten dull skin. Just be sure to use a high level SPF every day – obviously.

Enjoy the sun Andrea Michelle Fox in Flats


Embrace your natural beauty  

It’s those things you don’t do (or limit) to your body while you’re younger that’ll pay dividends on your skin when you’re older. So be gentle and kind to yourself and embrace your natural beauty – even the smallest changes will make a difference, both inside and out.


And back to the poll, when they asked me which three women defined timeless beauty, I thought of my mum too. But I also thought of Cate Blanchett and Elle McPherson, who happened to come in ranked first and second in the Pears poll. Great minds think alike?


Who do you think defines timeless beauty?

And what’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever been given?



*Pears interviewed more than 1,000 Australian women, aged between 25-44.

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