Style Dare a Day – May 2015


By Andrea Michelle

Nearly four years after I uploaded a few Style Dares on Fox in Flats, here’s the next one…


For those new to this idea, its a fun and easy way to inspire the way we dress each day.

The dares challenge us to try things we might ordinarily dismiss.

They push us to rummage through our wardrobes and rediscover items we haven’t worn in ages.

And they force us to be more creative.

Want proof?

The Fox in Flats Style Dare has been written about in The Sydney Morning Herald, and The Age as an example as to how doing something consistently for a month can change your habits.

I’m not daring you to buy new clothes. This is about working with what you have.

I’m AM daring you to step outside of your style comfort zone, and try new things. With what you have. And because I’ve done this with tens of thousands of women over the last four years, I can guarantee that if you do this, you will have had a style makeover with the benefit of a gorgeous community of women who’ve done it before you who’ll make you feel like a million bucks.

Ladies, I’m in a style rut myself right now, so frankly I’ve written this new Style Dare list myself based on my OWN needs (yes, I am a biatch like that), but also called into the most dedicated Style Dare participants for reinforcements, who contributed amazing ideas.


In just 30 days, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have rejuvenated your wardrobe (without necessarily spending any money!), and you’ll feel more confident about your personal style.”

You’re gonna LOVE this.

Wanna play? Here’s how:

You can participate any way you want. There are no prizes for awesome, because we know when we are. Simple.

Upload your pics on social media – mostly Instagram and #FoxinFlatsStyleDare.

I’ll give snaps to my faves over the next month.

My top 4 from the month I’ll have lunch with in Sydney in June if you wanna.*

You saw the daily prompts before. Let’s get to the details:


1. White Shirt

One of the 13 Wardrobe Essentials Everyone Can’t Do Without, wear one today to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer, and donate to fund research into early detection of this insidious disease. To find out more about White Shirt Day 2015 and donate, click here.


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2. Up up

Pull it back, pin it up, twist it, braid it, or roll it – whatever you choose put that hair up and, try something you’ve never done before.

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3. On my shoulders

Drape ’em in a jacket, swathe them with a scarf, wear that top that’s embellished just so, or get your skin out and showcase this oft ignored erogenous zone.


4. Geek chic

Think all buttoned up and collared with thick-rimmed glasses (or at least a studious face), with a library book at the ready. Extra points if the book is about HTML.


5. Bold bag

Wild pops of colour, unexpected textures, something with a cheeky slogan, or wear an evening bag during the day. Still at a loss? Dress up your everyday bag with tassels, scarves, or kooky key rings.


6. Slick legs
Leather, pleather, coated denim, or dare to bare. Whatever your take – if you do this right – people will be calling Emergency Services for all the whip-lash you’ll be causing as you walk on by.


7. Monochromatic
It remains one of the key trends this year, so get ready to work your whole outfit in 50 shades of grey (or white, or blue, or yellow, or green…)


8. Vamp vixen

This style dare isn’t about trying to look like The Playboy of the Month. Instead, think about what makes you feel sexy and vampish. It may be wearing your most out there lingerie, racy nailpolish, a smoky eye, or heels that speak…


9. Dynamic duo

Coordinate your outfit with your child, your partner, or a buddy, and think of them as you new favourite accessory.


10. Channelling

A day to be inspired by the person who has influenced your style the most.


11. Fave dress, different

Rock that frock to another tune.

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12. Blue baby

Self-indulgently, besides black, it’s my fave colour. So let’s denim up, reflect the sky, or do Sinatra proud and get out ‘ol blue eyes singing! Try blue hues in shadow, mascara, or even blue-rimmed shades.


13. ’70s situation

This year, one of the main aesthetic references at all the major shows in Paris, Milan, London and New York was to this era. Give it your own personal nod.


14. Foxy flats

You wouldn’t be on this site if you were not a believer. And wouldn’t you know it, flats are the shoe du jour. So showcase your best, and let’s congratulate ourselves that we were on trend before it was a trend. 😉


15. Red lipstick

Because it’ll make you feel more confident and more glamorous. ‘Nuff said.

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16. Crazy sexy

We are all ALL THAT. Everyone’s got a touch of crazy. Everyone is sexy. Just sometimes we hide both because we’re afraid, or intimidated, or are not quite sure how to show it without looking insane or like a hooker. For today I’m thinking big tousled bed hair, a smouldering cat’s eye, or black lingerie under a white top – just peeking out. Whatever your take on it, embrace it. And know the only one who needs to ‘get it’ is you.


17. From the dress up box

Growing up I had the most awesome dress up box at home. My mum filled ours with faux furs, tiaras, bandannas, glasses, shoes, bags, scarves…everything a little girl could want to escape into a world exactly the opposite of kindergarten. As a mother, I’ve tried to do the same for my boys, and I’m sure you’ve had the same circumstance too. So this dare is a fun one (and works for those without kids too – I KNOW you have a dress up section somewhere!). The challenge is to find something that exists currently in the dress up box of your home, and work it into an outfit.


18. Luxe layers

I don’t wanna exclude the northern hemisphere gals on this one – and it doesn’t have to be that way, so don’t BF on me you guys! This one is all about simply putting special over special. Use your imagination.


19. Marsala

It’s the colour of the year, and I love the way it rolls off the tongue so we’ve gotta try this one out. Work this colour as a neutral, or wear it like a softer alternative to black and dress accordingly.

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20. Elegant

Think grace and dignity. And today, don’t swear. 😉


21. All tied up

Mostly I’m all in knots about something – especially around a time of the month. But there’s a way to do this without looking like you’re losing your marbles. Try tying up your hair, knotting a shirt around your waist, a scarf, a belt, a tie, your hair…don’t make me get all crazy on the suggestions!

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22. Back track

Flashing cleavage? Too obvious.

Flashing a midriff? Too 80’s and also, after a certain age, just ‘no!’.

But flashing a bit of back is an easy – and flattering – way to play peek-a-boo without making anyone blush or needing to avert their eyes. Baby got back!


23. Sparkly

Lady GaGa said “I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time.” Change yours today by sprinkling yourself liberally with glitter.

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24. Hello cool

Yes, you are. Show us your best.


25. Simple formula

1 + 1 = 2.

Eggs and Bacon.

Marge and Homer.

Two basic ingredients that work.

Show me.


26. Hint of pink

Because we still believe in fairies.


27. Toasty

I wanna eat it, sure – especially with Vegemite, lashings of butter and a cup of tea.

But the colour of toast, or the feeling of being wrapped in toast… that’s what this day is about.

(Just don’t leave crumbs on my carpet, ok?!)


28. Powerful

There are those days when you need to have inner strength. It might not be today. It may have been in the past. It will probably be in the future. But today I dare you to dress like you can deal with anything the world throws at you.


29. Flared

Some say “skinny jeans are over”. I don’t buy that. And today is not necessarily about jeans.

But the indisputable evidence in faaaaashion land is that flared arms or legs are where it’s at. So get to know it, and work it.


30. Pure gold

Cleopatra was draped in it.  Do the same.


31. Nailed it

Special manis. Or any mani! I didn’t polish my nails for years when I had babies, so if you are in the thick of that now and doing so then hat’s off and freak fest to you!


And if anyone has made it this far with doing the Fox in Flats Style Dare every single day (properly) then you’ve nailed it too. If that’s you, message me with your daily pics and I think we’ve gotta have lunch*. xA


Share pics of your daily #FoxInFlatsStyleDare efforts with us on the Fox in Flats Facebook page, on Twitter, or Instagram using #FoxInFlatsStyleDare @FoxinFlats”

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For Bloggers:

Here’s a button to pop on your sidebar to show you’re up for the Fox in Flats Style Dare, and to encourage your readers to join in too. Simply right click to save and link it back to this post.


I can’t wait to see your styling handi work. Here’s to a lovely month of styling fun.

Have fun Foxes! 


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