Talking Mum-to-Mum with Sarah Murdoch

By Andrea Michelle

Sarah Murdoch chats with Fox in Flats Andrea Michelle

Have you ever found yourself up at 2am with a crying baby in your arms, wondering if you’re the only parent in the world doing the same thing at such a godforsaken hour? I certainly have, and as it turns out, so has Sarah Murdoch.

Sarah Murdoch is one of the most recognisable faces in Australia, largely because she’s so damn beautiful it’s hard to look away. Her achievements as a model – including front covers of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour, GQ and Harper’s Bazaar around the world – are testaments to her beauty.

But it’s her warm, approachable manner, as we’ve watched her over the years on various TV programs like The Today Show and Australia’s Next Top Model, that’s really endearing – she always comes across like the girl next door (albeit with designer shoes and a billionaire husband).

J&J Sarah Murdoch Mum to Mum Project

Recently, I had the chance to grab 5 minutes with Sarah for a quick interview. But once we got talking, the interview soon turned into a fun mum-to-mum chat that stretched much longer. And she was genuinely interested in hearing about the community that is Fox in Flats, and what goes on in this little spot on the internet. Here’s a few highlights:

Sarah Murdoch with Andrea Zanetich from Fox in Flats

Fox in Flats: With three little kids (Kalan, 8, Aidan 7, Aerin 3), how do you manage to get out the door in the morning for your role as Ambassador for the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, yet still look like this (*‘this’ accompanied by a swooshy, admiring hand gesture in her general direction*).


Sarah Murdoch: (*laughing*) With a lot of planning! The night before, I’ll choose my outfit, pack the school bags, and check any paperwork that’s to do with school. How much paperwork is there!!??


Fox in Flats: Oh my god, I couldn’t believe it when my son started school, it’s like there’s a new form or notice that comes home every day, right?


Sarah Murdoch: (*nodding*) Yeah, it’s all an extra complication since school.


Fox in Flats: There’s got to be an easier way than going through all that paperwork – it’s like you need a PA just for that (*forgetting that she probably does have a Personal Assistant who does that…duh!*)


Sarah Murdoch: I know! And what about Easter and Birthdays? Everyone is sending elaborate egg baskets and cakes to school…


Fox in Flats: What are your top tips for looking great once you become a mum?


Sarah Murdoch: Shapewear!


Fox in Flats: (*shocked face*) Um, do you have a favourite brand?


Sarah Murdoch: Nancy Ganz. Oh, and a pair of trackies you can wear out in public for the school run. And get enough sleep. Try to have an early night.


Fox in Flats: (*slight groan and eye-roll*) But my kids are similar in age to yours, but they’re still getting up at night with nightmares or to go to the bathroom. When does it end?! How’s the sleep thing going for you?


Sarah Murdoch: I now sleep from 10pm till 6am. I love my sleep. And like you, I’m still getting up for them. But I used to be up all night when the kids were babies – one of them woke on average 10 times a night – so this is much better.


Fox in Flats: No way!


Sarah Murdoch: (*brave face*) Yeah, it was hard. I remember being up at 2am with a crying baby looking out the window and wondering if she was the only mum who didn’t know how to get her baby to sleep, but taking a little comfort knowing that there had to be other mums out there, at the same time, in the exact same situation. I knew in my heart we would all get through it.

Fox in Flats: What’s the best advice you’ve been given about being a mum? And what are your top tips you’d pass on to other mums?


Sarah Murdoch: Providing the best for our children means looking after ourselves. Having time to yourself is OK, and it’s not going to negatively affect your kids for the rest of their lives. So don’t put off that lunch with your girlfriends – things for yourself are important too.


Try not to stress about the little things – I certainly get softer as I get older!”

It’s OK to let your baby cry and learn to self-settle. I don’t like doing it – it’s hard – but sometimes it’s really important for your own sanity.”

“There’s no such thing as a sleep-in any more.

And listening to and supporting other mums around you is really important.”

I love seeing that, despite vast differences in lifestyle and genetics, we all face the same issues as mothers.


And we’re all up for a girly chat.


What’s the best advice another mum has ever given you? 


And if you liked my chat with Sarah, you’ll love the interview I did with another high-profile Aussie mum, Dannii Minogue. Check it out here.


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