Where to shop when you’re expecting to pop

Where to shop when you are expecting to popBy Kate Piasecka

So you’re pregnant. Congratulations! It’s time to embark on an epic journey of cravings, extreme emotions, and weird stuff you did not expect to happen – including a huge change in body shape.

We all grow in different ways. Some women ‘pop’ straight away and others will not ‘look pregnant’ until well into the second trimester or later. The important thing to remember is that we all react differently to baby-baking, so it’s best not to compare yourself to others.

I’m 16 weeks pregnant with my second so I’ve got the advantage of having an idea of how I will expand. It’s a little harder if this is your first, but never fear! We will find something for you to wear.


hot tips for dressing like a fox when you’re growing little ears inside your belly:

1. To avoid the ‘oh-no-my-clothes-are-ALL-too-small’ phase (and when I say ‘phase’, I mean ‘day’, because this seems to happen “Boom!” like that), go through your wardrobe and pick out pieces that are a larger fit than what you’d usually wear, or that you would feel comfortable in as you grow. This might include maxi dresses, loose-fit tees and smock or shift style frocks. I did this last week, and pushed everything I know I won’t wear to the back of my wardrobe so that they no longer become an option. See you next summer leather mini!

2. If you live in a cooler climate like me or expect to start growing a tummy in the cooler months, pick up a pair of maternity jeans or leggings in advance so that you have something to wear on that day when you no longer fit into your regular pants. I bought these jeans from ASOS a few months ago and now I wear them nearly every day. Hello elastic waistband.

3. Rather than going straight for the maternity gear, why not check out Cotton On? It’s a fantastic place to pick up longer-length, loose-fit and pretty, floaty singlets and tees. It’s super affordable too – bonus!

4. If you can still comfortably fit your legs into your regular jeans, pants or shorts, then it might be worth picking up a Belly Belt. This wonderful contraption will allow you to stay in your regular clothes as you grow.

5. If you’re a keen online shopper like me, you’ll love ASOS Maternity. I’m a huge fan of maintaining my style as I expand and this UK-based e-tailer got me at ‘free shipping worldwide’ and ‘exchanges on sale items allowed’. I know it can be daunting buying-without-trying, but it’s so worth it for the savings and the massive selection of styles. ASOS Maternity stocks a whole range of labels and sizes start at a 6 and go to a 20+. You’ll find looks to wear at work, on the weekend and when you head out.

6. Summer bumps call for gorgeous dresses like this one from Bohemian Traders and boho kaftans similar to this one from 2 Chillies.

Shop these looks:

Mat leather-look leggings available on asos.com, $41
Matte leather-look leggings, asos.com $41
Maternity maxi available on asos.com, $58
Maternity maxi, asos.com $58
Striped t-shirt dress available on asos.com, $51
Striped t-shirt dress, asos.com $51
Skinny maternity jeans available on asos.com, $57
Skinny maternity jeans, asos.com $57



We’d love to see your fave pregnancy outfits and find out where you bought them from! Upload them on the Fox in Flats Facebook page, on Twitter, or Instagram using #MyPregnancyStyle @FoxinFlats

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