Hey, Ho, Let’s Go!

I found my husband’s Ramones T-shirt in the mountainous ironing pile, and now it’s mine (bwa ha ha ha!). Why not sneak off with your man’s vintage band Tee, and work it back with piles of blingy bling, a bright lip, and a bit of rock n’ roll mama ‘tude?


Tuck the Tee into jeans and roll the sleeves if it’s warm, and top with a classic blazer if it’s cool. And a bunch of necklaces partying around your neck will keep the look more “Posh” than “Mosh”.

TIP: Experiment and play with your trinkets. I added a locket containing pics of my boys to an old necklace of my mums, a Tiffany Heart Pendant to a chain of pearls, and teamed with a Peter Lang Double Strand Necklace. For more tips on how to compile the perfect ‘guest list’ for your neck party, click here.


And for your viewing pleasure (which takes me all the way back to my ‘Rock, Rock, Rock Rock, Rock ‘n’Roll High School‘) check out The Ramones going off in this live version of ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’.



Have you ever stolen your man’s clothes? And what your fave Ramones tune? 

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