Remember that first necklace your parents gave you when you reached that special milestone? That locket that holds an ageing photo of someone you love? Those beads you haggled over with a stall-seller while on holidays? Or that stunning statement necklace you treated yourself to just because you’re awesome?

It’s time to bring them and their mates out to play again because this week we’re inviting you to throw your own Fox in Flats Neck Party – for 7 epic days. And to help you put your guest list together, this post includes loads of tips and hints. Crank up the music!

Imagine how fun it will be to have all your favourite neck-candies jingling and mingling together for a non-stop party week!

It’s the continuation of eleven months of Style Dares on Fox in Flats, where we’ve been challenging ourselves to step out of our style comfort-zones, haul ourselves out of our motherhood-induced fashion ruts, shake off our day-to-day uniforms, and spice things up a bit.

We first reported on the ‘neck party’ trend back in June – and it really is one of the most fun and easy ways to accessorise. The concept is simple: pile on a stack of your favourite neck adornments, all at once. The more the merrier, just like a party!

You’re invited to our ‘Neck Party’ Style Dare. All you have to do is:

  1. Keep your own ‘neck party’ pumping for 7 days straight.
  2. Tell us all about it as you go.
What defines a party?

Some say “Two’s company, three’s a crowd, four’s a party.” Personally, I think that if you’ve only got two people and the chemistry’s great, then there’s no reason not to dance on tables. But for the purposes of this Style Dare, you’ll need to combine at least three items around your neck for it to qualify as a ‘neck party.’

As for the ‘dress-code’, here are some tips:
Create great chemistry – just like at a regular party – by experimenting and being adventurous.

Try different combinations to see which necklaces work best together. Just like compiling a great guest list, it’s worth having a think about who will get along best with one another.



Combine delicate chains with vintage pearls, wooden beads and chunky costume jewellery – a juxtaposition of textures makes for a real conversation starter.



Love a theme party? Choose a favourite themed necklace, and build around it.


Like a great DJ set, the aim (and the creative opportunity) is to have each necklace merge seamlessly into the next. So experiment with different lengths, materials and styles until you find a combination that falls together well.


Different shaped necklaces made from similar materials party together like Paris and Nicky Hilton – it’s in their DNA.


Take a look at Fox in Flats on Pinterest where we’ve curated some of our favourite ‘neck party’ pics.

And check out 7 ways to wear a statement necklace without looking like you raided the dress-up box – these tips still apply.

“Dig out those crazy necklaces and chokers your kids, nieces and nephews have painstakingly made for you, and wear them with pride.”


DIY necklaces’: Google it and be inspired.


If you’re prone to giving your loved ones tight mama-bear-style hugs, or you have a tiny baby, skip the sharp, chunky, metallic necklaces. Instead, pile on necklaces woven with coloured fabric, made of soft leather, or created with tiny, gently curved beads.


Changing nappies 8 times a day? Long necklaces will only end up dipping into the diaper. To avoid being a party pooper, keep your necklaces partying around your collarbone.


And if you really want to neck party like a rock star, don’t forget to include the groupies – the background players that set the scene.

  • Pull your hair back, up, and away from your face to keep the focus on your necklaces and to reveal that subtly sexy curve at the nape of your neck.
  • Keep your top simple – you don’t want to distract from the necklaces up there dancing on the podium.
  • Similarly, accompany your neck party with small earrings, or simply go without them.


And if you still think you just can’t do this dare, then I’ve only got this to say: “Burk, burk, burk… chicken!”

What’s a party – and a Style Dare – without a bunch of pics to share?

We wanna see your week of neck partying – it’s all part of the fun!

So upload your photos in the Comments section below, or share them on FacebookTwitter or Instagram using @FoxInFlats#NeckPartyDare

Blogging about your week doing the @FoxinFlats#NeckPartyDare? Let us know so we can share it around. Who knows, you might even make our next Top 50 Style Dare Bloggers list!

We’ll share your photos on social media during the week, and the best party shots will be featured in a gallery on Fox in Flats in a couple of weeks.


If this Neck Party Dare is as popular as the Arm Party Dare we ran earlier in the year (did you see our Arm Party mega gallery with over 1,000 bracelets going nuts!), we’ll need to be prepared for someone calling the cops and trying to shut it down. Because it’s going to go off!


Party hard dudes! You can recover next week icon wink DARE you to throw a party all week…on your arm!

baby hanger1 DARE you to throw a party all week…on your arm!



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x Andrea


PICS: Man Repeller, The 1928 Jewlery BlogTOPSHOP Tumblr, and all other images linked back to sources where possible.


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