The 7 best hand creams for dry, cracked, battle-scarred mummy hands

By Andrea Michelle

The other day, this email arrived in my inbox:

“Dear Andrea,
I was wondering if you have done any research on hand creams?
Being a new mummy, my hands have copped a beating. 
I wash my hands so many times in a day.
Before feeding the baby, after feeding the baby, I wipe down the benches, wash up, wash my hands again, change the baby…. I could go on & on.
I don’t have time for sticky hand creams that take a long time to sink in, nor do I want a fragrant hand cream that will rub off onto my baby’s delicate skin. 
I am after a hand cream that if all possible is antibacterial, safe to use around the baby, quick drying, and that keeps my hands moisturised. Is there such a thing?
Thanks so much,


Knowing that there’s an awesome community of Fab Foxes out there in the same cracked boat (and hoping to glean a few tips myself), I shared Tegan’s email on Facebook a couple of days ago. Of the 8,000+ people who saw the post, a bunch jumped in and shared their favourite hand cream finds and tips for relieving sore ‘mummy hands’. Here’s the Top 7.

Print it, bookmark it, or send this list to your friends with kids, because it’s hard to be a soft touch when your hands feel like sandpaper.



1. QV Hand Cream, about $5 (won by a landslide!)

I used QV cream – it was what the pediatrician recommended for my son, so I figured he was safe with it and it worked well. My son is three now but I still have QV cream on the bathroom bench top!” Rosalie

I used QV wash after my hands were cracked and bleeding from using normal soap, and they cleared up almost immediately. I think that brand makes a hand cream as well.” Tristine

I’m in exactly the same boat here. Finally got some QV hand cream this morning and have been in heaven ever since. Came in a bulk pack with the handwash, so can’t wait to try that, too.” Renee

My doctor told me to use only QV Wash to wash my hands, and not soap, after I found my hands really dry post-baby…” Natalie


2. The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector, $10.95

Hemp Hand Protector from The Body Shop puts a coating on your hands that lasts 12 hours even after washing. Put it on in the morning and you’re done! Not anti bacterial though…” Kat

Yes, I too am a firm believer in The Body Shop hemp hand cream! Did you know The Body Shop also has hemp hand wash…? Awesome. (my tradie hubby has used for the last 7 years or so!!) If you’re not into the hemp smell, The Body Shop also has Wild Rose with SPF 15+, plus Almond varieties as well, and they all come with the hand wash, too.” Nicole


3. Neutrogena Hand Cream, $4.99

I liked (still do) Neutrogena Hand cream – worked for me…no smell, not too greasy… or too expensive.” Jacalyn

I too had very dry and bleeding hands after having my first bub. My dermatologist recommended Neutrogena Hand Cream for overnight (as it is thick) and I use Cetaphil Lotion during the day as it dries fast. The trick is to moisturise your hands after EVERY TIME you get them wet.” Rebecca


4. Tough hands by Du’it, $10.90

Tough hands by Du’it is amazing 😉” Megan

I’m 41 but after years of preschool teaching and having my hands in buckets of water, to look at my hands you’d think I was much older. So I’ve been searching for the hand cream holy grail too. So far the one that has soothed and smoothed my hands best has been Crabtree & Evelyn La Source scrub & crème. The other great product is Tough Hands by Du’it who also make a great heel balm. Xo” Al


5. Clinique Hand Cream, $23

The Clinique Hand Cream is quite light, nice for regular daytime use.” Helen


6. Sorbolene, around $5

At night, put lots and lots of Sorbelene cream on your hands, then a pair of cotton socks over the top. The cream sinks in and gives your hands a much needed drink of moisture. Ok so with a baby you may not get the full 8 hours in but even if you get 4 hours between feeds, you will do your hands and nails a huge favour.” Alison

Been picking at my dry hands/nails thinking how my hands age me just these last few days. I’ve been a stay at home mum for 3 1/2 yrs… I personally use Sorbolene cos it’s cheap! I also have a Vaseline travel size moisturiser in my handbag too that I think I got with a travel toiletries pack I bought for labour with my first. Happily, I recently found it again – it’s non greasy & absorbs really quick.” Samantha


7. MOR Hand Cream $12.95

I was given MOR hand cream as a gift and it’s nice for a special smelly treat, feels luxurious & makes u feel good.” Samantha

The scents are divine!” Lorna

For my treat – cos I like smellies and my littlies are not so little anymore…MOR candied vanilla almond hand cream – delish.” Jacalyn


TIP: Avoid anti-bacterial hand wash.

Stay well away from any anti-bacterial hand wash or the no water ones – they are skin killers!!! Xx” Pene

Antibacterial products are not good for dry hands as the alcohol dries them even more, I developed an infection on my hand from it.” Rebecca

…but that said…

I just discovered Jurlique does a moisturising hand sanitizer. Seems not as drying as others on the market.” Shannon


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What is your favourite hand cream?


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