Baby powder for beauty (not just a baby’s booty)

baby powder beauty

By Andrea Michelle

Before I had my first child, I stocked up on a bunch of things I thought I’d need when the baby was born, like nappies, wipes, heavy-duty concealer for my sleep deprived eyes, and baby powder. And while the first three were on high-rotation at my place for years afterwards, that baby powder has sat there unopened and unused. But baby powder can be a super handy product to keep in your beauty kit, with the added bonus that it’s inexpensive, and has that sweet nostalgic smell.


Here’s 3 ways to use baby powder for beauty, instead of a baby’s booty: 


Lengthen lashes

Apply a layer of mascara, then carefully dust your lashes with a light coating of baby powder (I use a Q-tip, but if you’ve got a clean mascara wand handy, use that). Top with another layer of mascara, and then give it a once over with an eyelash comb to remove any clumps.


Crease-free eye shadow

Dust your lids with baby powder before applying eye shadow to prevent it creasing and disappearing throughout the day.


Longer lasting lipstick

Apply lipstick with a lip-brush, and blot lips with a tissue. Then dust with a light layer of baby powder, top with another layer of lipstick, and blot again. Then kiss till your heart’s content without leaving smooshy marks all over your loved ones.


What ingenious ways do you use baby powder? 

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