How your pillow is messing up your beauty routine

how your pillow could be messing with your beauty routine

By Andrea Michelle


Each night before you hit the hay, you gently cleanse, smooth on some moisturiser, dab a bit of eye-cream around those peepers, and maybe there’s even a serum layered under all that.

Yet when you wake up in the morning, you’re skin looks dull and tired.

Putting aside the distinct likelihood that you were woken up multiple times by your little ones and now you’re so pooped you’re seeing double, there may be something other than your kids that’s playing havoc with your beauty routine. And it’s right under your nose.

It’s your pillow.

So in the spirit of “Keeping your friends close, but your enemies closer,” here are 4 ways to make your pillow your new BFF ( Beauty Best Friend), instead of your beauty frenemy:


1. Wash your pillow case weekly – at least

Pillowcases catch everything – night creams, sweat, dead skin cells, dandruff, hair products, saliva – are we grossed out yet? Wash them weekly, or more regularly if you notice anything icky on it. If not they can contribute to all sorts of things including pimples and skin infections. Ewww…


2. Clean pillows regularly

It’s not just the pillow cases you have to watch out for: pillows get dirty over time too (see all the reasons outlined in Point 1.) To check if they need a wash, lay it over your arm. If it lies straight and crisp, it’s clean. If it dips, it’s messing with your beauty routine, so wash that dirty bugger, stat!


3. Invest in a satin pillow case

It’ll be more gentle on your skin than cotton or poly-cotton fabrics, and as an added benefit will minimize the morning hair frizzies.


4. Plump it up!

Your kids aren’t just to blame for baggy eyes in the morning. If your pillow is too flat, fluid can gather around your eyes. So add an extra pillow, or switch to a larger one, and sleep on your back so the excess fluid can drain.



How often do you wash your pillow?

And could someone please tell me how to wash one without it going all clumpy?!


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