A couple of week’s ago ’round these parts we mused:

“Imagine how fun it would be to have all your favourite wrist-candies jingling and mingling together on your arm?”

It was part of The Fox in Flats Arm Party Dare where we challenged ourselves to throw a party all week, on our wrists.


This party went off!

Thousands of bracelets, watches, cuffs, bands, bangles and bling crashed the party and stayed till the wee hours. And the dress code was simple: wear what you love.


The world’s biggest arm party

Around the world arm-party animals shared their favourite party snaps on FacebookTwitter or Instagram – and some hard-core party-goers are still going. That’s stamina for you!

Here’s just a selection of the Arm Parties that have been happening.

131 wrists jam-packed with over 1,000 of the most fab fun accessories – many with special stories attached to them –  it’s probably the world’s biggest arm party gallery, ever. Yet, there’s no way the cops are gonna shut this party down.

To view, slide your mouse over the pics or click on the arrows, and for a close up, click on the individual images. 


[cincopa AoGAO56_0Qi-]



Why not try The Arm Party Dare yourself and wear your favourite wrist-junk for 7 days straight? Or, cut to the chase and dig through your treasures today? It really is one of the most simple and fun ways to accessorise.


Me? I’m off to take a couple of Panadine and a Berocca. I can’t party like I used to 😉


What’s your favourite way to create the ‘perfect’ arm party? Is everything in your jewellery box invited? Or is it a carefully curated mix of guests?

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