DARE you to throw a party all week…on your arm!

Remember that bracelet your first boyfriend gave you? That bangle you bought when you were backpacking in Bali? That delicate chain that belonged to your nan? The chunky cuff you treated yourself with just because you’re awesome? Or the friendship bracelet your bestie made for you when you were both 13?

It’s time to bring them all out to play again, and their friends, because this week we’re inviting you to throw your own Fox in Flats Arm Party, every day for 7 days.

Imagine how fun it would be to have all your favourite wrist-candies jingling and mingling together on your arm!


It’s the continuation of seven months of Style Dares on Fox in Flats, where we’ve been challenging ourselves to step out of our style comfort-zones, haul ourselves out of  our motherhood-induced fashion ruts, shake off our day-to-day uniforms, and spice things up a little.

We first reported on the ‘arm party’ trend early in 2011 – and it really is one of the most fun and easy ways to accessorise. The idea is simple: pile on a stack of your favourite wrist adornments, all at once. The more the merrier, just like a party!


You’re invited to our ‘arm party’ Style Dare. All you have to do is:

  1. Keep your own ‘arm party’ pumping for 7 days straight.
  2. Tell us all about it as you go.


As for the ‘dress-code’, here are some tips:


Create great chemistry – just like at a regular party – by experimenting and being adventurous.


Combine fine chains with wooden beads, and friendship bracelets with chunky costume jewellery. Play with colour and texture and steal your partner’s oversized metal wristwatch.


Try different combinations to see which accessories work best together. Just like compiling a great guest list, it’s worth having a little think about who will get along best with one another.


Take a look at Fox in Flats on Pinterest where we’ve curated some of our favourite ‘arm-party’ pics.


“Dig out those crazy bracelets and wristbands your kids, nieces and nephews have painstakingly made for you, and wear them with pride.”


‘DIY wrist bands and bracelets’: Google it and be inspired.


If you’re prone to giving your loved ones tight mama-bear-style hugs, skip the sharp, chunky, metallic cuffs. Instead, pile on bracelets  woven with coloured fabric or tiny beads. Some more ideas here.


For more arm party inspiration, click here or here.

What’s a party – and a Style Dare – without a bunch of pics to share?

We wanna see your week of arm partying – it’s all part of the fun!

So upload your photos in the Comments section below, or share them on Facebook, or on Twitter using @FoxInFlats#ArmPartyDare.

If you have an iPhone, try the Instagram app for a quick way to share your shots, and use @FoxInFlats#ArmPartyDare so we can be sure to check them out.

Blogging about your week doing the @FoxinFlats#ArmPartyDare? Let us know so we can share it around, and who knows, you might even make our next Top 50 Style Dare Bloggers list!

And if you’re more old-school and don’t even know what an app is, that’s cool too. Simply write us to let us know how you’re joining in. God knows we got by for many, many years sharing tips & ideas without fancy tech-tools.

We’ll share around your photos and styling tips on Facebook and Twitter during the week.


And if you think you just can’t do this dare, then I’ve only got this to say: “Burk, burk, burk… chicken!”


Party hard dudes! You can recover next week 😉

baby hanger1 DARE you to SPARKLE every day this week...



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x Andrea