How to throw an awesome ‘Arm Party’

By Andrea Michelle

You don’t need to twist my arm to get me to a party, but the pre-party preparations can be kinda exhausting. Choosing an outfit, finding a sitter, and trying to remember the names of the people who’ll be there can be epic. And don’t get me started on the day after a big night, when the kids are up at the crack of dawn…

But there’s one type of party that will never leave you with ‘Party Fatigue’:

arm party

The charm bracelet you’ve kept and built upon since you were a teenager. The leather cuff you bought at the markets in Florence. The delicate chain your bestie gave you for your milestone birthday. Or the beaded bracelet your little one made for you at kindy. The Arm Party is the perfect excuse to bring them all together to jingle and mingle together on your arm.

We first reported on the ‘Arm Party’ trend early in 2011 – and it really is one of the most fun and easy ways to accessorise. The idea is simple: pile on a stack of your favourite wrist adornments, all at once. The more the merrier, just like a party!


As for the Arm Party ‘dress-code’, here are some tips:

Create great chemistry – just like at a regular party – by experimenting and being adventurous.




Try different combinations to see which accessories work best together. Just like compiling a great guest list, it’s worth having a little think about who will get along best with one another.


Combine fine chains with wooden beads, and friendship bracelets with chunky costume jewellery. Play with colour and texture and steal your partner’s oversized metal wristwatch.




Dig out those crazy bracelets and wristbands your kids, nieces and nephews have painstakingly made for you, and wear them with pride.


If you’re prone to giving your loved ones tight mama-bear-style hugs, skip the sharp, chunky, metallic cuffs. Instead, pile on bracelets  woven with coloured fabric or tiny beads. Some more ideas here.





And for more inspiration check out The World’s Biggest Arm Party Gallery where we shared the Arm Parties that were held the week of the Fox in Flats Arm Party Dare early in 2012, or Fox in Flats on Pinterest where we’ve curated some of our favourite ‘arm-party’ pics.



Party Hard Dudes! 


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