7 easy ways to pimp your ponytail


By Tegan Taylor

Each morning you start getting ready with the best of intentions: today you really will make an effort, wear a dress, blowdry your hair. But five minutes, two tantrums and a spilt breakfast later, there you are in your mummy uniform with your hair scraped back into a ponytail.


Well, we can’t help you with the tantrums or the Weet-bix, but these 7 tips will at least make your ‘do feel less “been there, done that”.



1. Bling it on

A hair tie, comb or slide that has a bit of sparkle or embellishment can be the difference between “settled for a pony” and “chose this hairstyle because I am awesome”.

Stick one of these on your noggin and feel the difference:


Tortoiseshell Curved Pony Holder $14.95

Metal Half pony – Witchery $16.95

Crystal Pony Holder, Gregory Lander $9.95


2. Bring back the 80s

Grab your teasing comb and add some volume. Judicial backcombing can elongate the face and give fine hair a boost. Add a bit of dry shampoo or hairspray to make the style stick — or if your hair is dirty (who has time for that whole washing palaver anyway?) you may find you can get away without needing styling products.

Try a quiff at the front for a modern look…


… Or add some height at the back for a retro feel:




3. Smooth operator

For a sleek pony (and to disguise ratty hair elastics), smooth your hair into a low ponytail and wrap a lock of hair around the elastic, pinning it in place underneath.




4. Wrap it up

Tie a scarf or scrap of bright fabric around your ponytail for a pop of colour.




5. Do the donut

Transform your tired ponytail into a ballerina-worthy bun with a foam donut. Just pop the donut over your ponytail and pin your hair around to hide it. Teasing the hair up a bit first makes this look even funkier.


ASOS large foam donut $10.87



6. Iron it out

A far quicker job than straightening or curling a whole head of hair, simply run your straightening irons over your pony to create smooth sleekness or sexy curls.




7. Pick your pony height

Choosing where on your head to fix your pony can change the feel of your look.

High ponytails give a flirty effect:


A mid-height pony looks sporty:


And a low ponytail has a demure feel:




Want more pony-spiration? Check out 4 ways to break out of ponytail groundhog day.


Are you a ponytailed princess? What are your tricks for mixing it up?


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