How To Wear Sequins In The Daytime Without Looking Like A Gameshow Host

By Andrea Michelle

A few months ago, I fell deeply in love with a gold sequin jacket.

To me, it sang of fun and made my eyes dance with joy. Yet one day as I was in the middle of a Trying-On-Cyclone and thinking about wearing said jacket, my well-meaning husband popped his head into the room and boomed “Come On Down!”

Sad face from me.

Not because of the crushing realisation that I’d never become a gameshow host (BTW – why do you never see a female getting those gigs?!).

No, I was sad because, although I was super-keen to go on-show with that sequin jacket, I didn’t fancy channelling Larry Emdur, a Daddo, or the late, great Ian ‘Turps’ Turpie.

But I hadn’t come this far to walk away empty-handed. So after the traditional thinking time to consider all the alternatives, I reckon I had the right answer. So lock it in: here’s how to wear sequins during the day without being mistaken for a game show host.


Balance your bling with casual, neutral classics


Think jeans, loose t-shirts, crisp white or denim shirts, and blazers in shades of grey, blue, beige, plus white and black. Pretty much everything on this wardrobe essentials list is a safe bet with a splash of sequin.


Want more ideas?

Team your day-to-day jeans & t-shirt combo with a sequin jacket or scarf for instant celebrity street chic.

Street Chic

I tried this one day for school drop-off and it’s not as confronting as it initially sounds.

Plus, the kids LOVED it (as did I).

034 Sorry about the dodgy pic, my son banged this off in a hurry!


Got a sequin skirt you keep for nights under a disco ball? Dress it down for day with a simple t-shirt or a white shirt, and team it with a pair of converse + relaxed hair.

twinkle twinkle

sequin skirt and converse


See? It’s not so hard. And for more outfit inspiration, check out our Sparkles! file on Pinterest. It’s full of super-easy outfit ideas.


But a word of warning: When wearing sequins during the day, avoid parks and playgrounds where magpies tend to congregate. Just like us, they like shiny things, and they’re not afraid to swoop down like a contestant on The Price is Right to try to swipe them from you. Eeeek!


What’s your tip for day-time sequin wearing?

And out of curiosity, have you ever been on a game show??! How’d you go, and did you win? 

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