Quotes on Sparlkes Lady Gaga

sequins lady gaga

Oh yeah, and me too.

That’s why Day 1 of the March Fox in Flats Style Dare is all about ‘Sparkles’. Because everything looks better with them. Four off-the-top-off-my-head reasons why:

1. Everything seems much better with an element of ‘disco’, and wearing sparkles is gonna make you wanna dance.

2. Shiny glittery sparkles add an instant element of luxe.

3. Kids love sparkles, so it’s likely yours will say something gorgeous like: “Mum, you’re sparkling like the night sky!

4. You’ll be able to channel your inner Lady Gaga, but be able to wear pants.


Got any others?


Click here for tips on how to wear sparkles during the day without looking like a game show host, and check out our Pinterest page for a galaxy of styling ideas.

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