7 days of hairstyle how-to’s with Kim-Marie

At Fox in Flats, we’re all about sharing tips and ideas to make it easier to navigate motherhood in style. In this series – 7 days of hairstyle how-to’s – we’ll be sharing hairstyle tips and ideas from some of our readers.

Each week, we’ll have a different ‘Contributing-Fox’ take us through the 7 different things she did with her hair over 7 consecutive days. We’ll also include her step-by-step instructions so you can re-create the hairstyles you like at home over the upcoming week.

The idea came about after we ran a challenge to see if we could wear our hair in a different style each day for 7 days straight. We called it The Hair Dare. We were inundated with so many awesome hairstyles that we’d be doing a disservice to ‘The Sisterhood’ if we didn’t share these ‘dos around.


This week’s hairstyle how-to’s are brought to you by Kim-Marie.

Fox in Flats laid down the challenge – wear a different hairstyle every day for a week, and post the photographic evidence on social media.  I do love the Fox in Flats Style Challenges, so I jumped in with gusto.

Then I realised I’d recently had my shoulder-length, fine-but-lots-of-it curly hair chopped off to jaw length so I didn’t have to wear a different hairstyle every day.  I checked with Andrea to see if seven hair accessories would constitute seven hairstyles. “Nope!” she said. Just like wearing skirts for the dress dare didn’t cut it, neither did my feeble attempt.  She’s tough like that. I just had to “suck it up, princess” and get on with it!

Here is a week in the life of my hair:


Day One – Day at work
Clean hair, curly bob, side swiped with pretty hairpin
Step 1:  Moroccanoil Light to wet hair, followed by Aveda Phomollient.
Step 2: Diffuse with hairdryer on low power with high heat, without touching the hair too much, and leave it slightly damp.  This will really help with fighting frizz.
Step 3:  Add a few drops of O&M Frizzy Logic to hands, and smooth through hair, curling the odd bit around finger to define a curl or two.
Step 3:  Define part with a tail-comb.
Step 5:  A couple of sprays of Redken Woolshake on the ends, with a bit of a scrunch, to add texture, volume and a bit of curl definition.

Step 6:  Add a pretty hairpin.



Day Two – Day home with the Boyo – pottering around, Nintendo DS battles, supermarket.
Clean hair, straightened bob
Step 1:  Apply Moroccanoil Light and Aveda Phomollient to wet hair.
Step 2:  Blowdry hair using the wrap drying method (brush hair in different directions all over the head with the hairdryer nozzle pointed in that direction using a Denman styler brush until completely dry).
Step 3: Final smooth with a gHD.

Step 4:  A little O&M Frizzy Logic applied to smooth fly-aways.



Day Three – Day at work
Second day straight hair with hair bow
This is where putting in a bit more effort the day before pays off.  Took longer to brush my teeth than do my hair this morning, as we rushed to get to OOSH and work.
Step 1:  Work a bit of Batiste Dry Shampoo into the roots with my fingers and brush it out.
Step 2:  Add a frivolous hair accessory!




Day Four – A day in the park with friends
Clean hair, left to dry naturally, with headscarf
Today was a bit of a hair fail, as I couldn’t manage the braid I was attempting.  I was rescued by a vintage Dior silk square – as you do!
Step 1: Clean wet hair, Moroccanoil Light and Aveda Phomollient.
Step 2: Today, I let it dry naturally as we pottered around the house for the morning.
Step 3:  Apply some Redken Wool Shake and scrunch through the mid ends.
Step 4: Apply a few drops of O&M Frizzy Logic.
Step 5: Fold a vintage silk square into a long rectangle (lay scarf flat in a diamond shape and fold top and bottom corners into the middle, then fold scarf ‘’til desired width is achieved).

Step 6:  Place scarf on front of head, on top of hair, with ends underneath hairline.  Before tying, lift hanks of hair at the back of the head so the ends can be tied underneath.  It’s a bit more of a 70s look, and perfect for a windy day!



Day Five – Day at work – doing three long days this week and we’re all tired by Friday!
Second day hair, claw clip, headband – running late and a bad hair day
Step 1:  Apply Batiste Dry Shampoo to roots, work through with fingers and brush out.
Step 2:  Realise hair is not doing what it is supposed to do.
Step 3:  Twist back of very short hair into the world’s smallest pony and pop in Mimco claw clip in a vague approximation of a French roll.
Step 4:  Tug and give the clip a bit of a wiggle to add a bit of tousled insouciance!
Step 4:  Define part and smooth front of hair.

Step 5:  Put a very pretty Mimco headband to add a little ballet pink prettiness to a daggy do!



Day Six – Day at home, running errands with the Welshman and Boyo
Step 1:  Go on a family excursion to the post office to collect my Modiva clipless curling iron, ordered after reading Hair Romance’s review (love that site!).
Step 2:  Pin hair up in sections and roll hair around curling iron away from face.  Some I do with iron facing down, some facing up (down is better, I discover).
Step 3:  Accidentally burn bosom from unfortunate curling iron wrangling.  Not recommended.

Step 4:  A few drops of O&M Frizzy Logic and add a clip.



Day Seven – Trip to the movies with Boyo and his mate
Second day hair, brushed out curls, tucked behind ear
Step 1:  Batiste Dry Shampoo to the roots, work through and gently brush scalp.
Step 2:  Define the part with tail-comb.
Step 3:  A quick spray of Redken Woolshake for a bit of texture.
Step 4:  A few twists around my fingers and a boar bristle barrel brush, and tuck one side behind my ear.


I loved participating in the Fox in Flats Hair Dare Extraordinaire!  It was a tricky week, with three early starts and three long days at vacation care and work, but thinking of a new hair-do every day helped keep me going!


Thanks Kim-Marie! Tweet with Kim-Marie @kimbalikes, or check out her blog or tumblr


Here’s to another week of fab, foxy hair! 

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