Dare of the week: Wear a dress

This week, I totally dare you to wear a dress.

All week.

Regardless of where you are going, who you are seeing, and how hairy your legs might be…

From when you wake up, till you put your PJs on at night.


An easy dare for some…

Some women find it easy to swan around with feminine swathes of fabric swishing around their legs, and are able to daintily navigate kid-based terrain inclusive of swing sets and climbing ropes with panache. Me? I accidentally dipped my maxi-dress in the loo today, so clearly I’m in need of a crash-course in dress-wearing.


Dresses disappear after The Delivery

Research conducted by Fox in Flats revealed that dresses were the No. 1 item that women missed wearing from their pre-baby wardrobe. Yet 23% of the same women said they felt most attractive when they’re wearing a dress.

So perhaps it’s time to reclaim some of our perceived femininity – and by association, hotness – by frocking up for a week.

As Diane von Furstenberg announced:

Feel like a woman, wear a dress!”

Are you in? Or are you Chicken???

If your legs look a bit chicken – plucked, bumpy & white – you may want to prep them before jumping straight into the dare.

After a winter in jeans most of my life in jeans, I’ll be spending a fair bit of time today exfoliating, removing hair, fake tanning, and moisturising.

Otherwise, stock up on opaque tights (these make me want to colour in my pins) or try nude fishnets, as recommended by von Furstenberg:

Nude fishnets are a little cover-up and they’re chic, more polished, and more finished when you’re a bit older.”


Need some ideas on how to wear your dress for day? Some links to get you inspired:

For ideas on how to style up a maxi: 7 ways to Max-out your Maxi or 7 easy-to-wear trends for a chic summerGwyneth’s Spring Basics, Foxified: Long Nude Dress or check out Angelina’s Long Black Dress.

Breastfeeding? We’ve done the research for you here: Nursing Dresses

Maternity dress ideas here: Kate Middleton’s Maternity Dream Dress and here: Celebrity bump buy guide

Tips for choosing and styling a dress for summer here: 12 summer wardrobe essentials for one hot mama

And for pics of mums just like you and I who are rocking a frock while they’re with their kids in the playground, check out the shots we took here, here, here and  here.


Want to see just how much fun a dare can be?

Take a look at the response to the Red Lipstick Dare. That’s a whole lot of lips, and a whole lot of fun.


And part of the fun is sharing!

Share your thoughts about the dare: does it make you feel more feminine, attractive, and womanly as claimed by von Furstenberg? Or is it fraught with issues of practicality?

Upload pictures of you wearing your dresses, in the comments section below, on our Facebook or Twitter, throughout the week that you choose to participate.

I’ll be doing it this week – inclusive of swimming lessons, bike rides, playground visits and supermarket shops –  but feel free to join in any time that suits you.


So…who’s up for a Dare?

Are you in?

Or are you ‘Chicken’? (“burk, burk, burk burk!”)

baby hanger1 Dare of the week: Red Lipstick

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