39 ways to rock your frock!

A couple of weeks ago, we ran an article on Fox in Flats, which challenged everyone to wear a dress each day for a whole week.

During that week, we were sent hundreds of photos from awesome women giving the style challenge a go, and showing how they rocked their frocks.

Now, we’re sharing 39 of their fab tips and ideas on how to make the most of the dresses that you have in your wardrobe:


1. Pop a lightweight knit over the top of a maxi and knot at the waist to define your figure.

2. Throw a kimono-style blouse over a LBD to dress it down for day.

3. “If a dress seems to give that pregnant belly look (when you’re not) add a belt.  I find wearing a belt on my true waist can turn a ‘no-way!’ dress into a firm favourite.” shared Naomi.

4. Ankle boots and tights are fab with a skirt that falls a couple of inches above your knee.

5. Cowboy boots give a country touch to a floral maxi. Yee-hah!

5. Layers of long chains and necklaces will elongate your torso.

7. Team classic hi-top Chuck Taylors with a casual jersey maxi for a sporty-luxe look that’s ready for playground action.

8. “A gorgeous empire line maxi will take you throughout a pregnancy and beyond.” advised Emma.

9. Toughen up a pretty prom-style dress by whacking a cropped leather jacket on top.

10. “Feeling uber-girly? Dial up the pretty-power with an embellished headband, and a satin bow around your waist.” suggests Kim-Marie.

11. A long line cardigan looks languid with a maxi.

12. A blazer will add a tailored silhouette to any dress. You can loosen it up by simply pushing or rolling up the sleeves, like Fiona.

13. A cropped cardigan is cute with a knee-length dress. Add glasses and a bun for a sexy librarian look ;).

14. If you’re not so keen about the straps on your dress, change them! Kim-Marie advises: “It’s as simple as scouting for some pretty ribbon or elastic and making your own. Look in vintage shops for alternative straps, or cut up the fabric belt that came with the dress and turn them into straps.”

15. Survive colder weather and layer your dress with super skinny jeans, like Clairey.

16. Try different textures when you layer, like this long-line mesh vest.

17. “Bright tights add a fresh burst of colour to a dark, solid coloured dress.” exclaimed Jess.

18. Worried about the kids yanking down your favourite strapless dress? Why not add your own straps? “And then you can place them in the exact spot to cover your bra straps!” adds Kim-Marie.

19. “I try to keep things to a colour theme…one or two colours is enough.  Keep accessories, jackets etc in the same tonal range to give a leaner look.”  shared Naomi.

20. Tie a scarf around your waist to soften up a black dress for day-wear.

21. Have a dress with attached belts? Try tying at the side or at the front. You’ll be surprised at the difference it will make to your dress.

22. For cooler days, layer long black boots over your opaque stockings or leggings.

23. A light extra long scarf, that runs to mid-thigh, will lengthen your look, and add extra movement and interest.

24. A sleeveless denim jacket will toughen up a relaxed jersey maxi, like Pene.

25. Shrug on a crisp white shirt over your dress, tie it in a knot around your waist, and roll up the sleeves.

26. “Accessorise with just one colour. I love wearing a grey dress with a red beaded necklace, a red vintage button ring and red flats.” shared Naomi.

27. A light tan leather belt lends a classic luxe twist to the most casual of dresses.

28. Footless tights add extra warmth, and an inner-city vibe. The ideal length is just above the ankle, like Megan.

29. Try a neon-bright tank layered under a singlet-style dress for a colour-pop that won’t poke your eye out.

30. “Bring out the colours in a printed dress by selecting one of the colours in the fabric, adding a pair of leggings or tights in that colour, and then wear coordinating or clashing ballet flats. Use the same approach when selecting a camisole or slip for under your dress too.” suggests Kim-Marie.

31. A men’s tie makes a great alternative for a belt.

32. A cropped jacket will help define your waist, like Naomi.

33. A studded leather belt teamed with a printed floral frock is just the right balance of naughty and nice.” winked Kim-Marie.

34. Try a tailored man-style vest over a spaghetti-strapped dress for a more structured silhouette that’ll still be cool in summer.

35. “If your legs are looking a little white, yet you want to wear a shorter style dress, try fish nets in a nude or neutral tone. They provide a great distraction from all sorts of imperfections and do, surprisingly, add a bit of warmth.” shared Nicole.

36. Try a striped cardigan, and strappy flat sandals with a printed dress in a similar hue.

37. Hitch up a section of your maxi dress and secure at your hip with a decorative brooch, advised A.J.

38. Feel too ‘booby’ in a dress? Kim-Marie’s been there, and shared these tips: “I tend to emphasise my waist, and break up the chesticle area with long necklaces and scarves. Often a contrasting colour in a little bolero cardigan or camisole will have the same effect.”

39. A long necklace is especially sweet when the pendant’s gently bouncing on a rounded baby bump, like Emma’s.


Finally, if you’re breastfeeding, check out this link where we show the 6 best dress styles with styling tips for when you’re nursing. Because you don’t want to end up feeding your baby in the bathroom half-naked like “a friend of mine” did ;).


Think that now you might be able to spend a whole week wearing a dress everyday?
Take a look at The Dress Dare here, and start rocking your frock!


What are your favourite tips and tricks for styling up your dresses?

We’d love to know! 

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