How to style wet hair (without looking like you were just too lazy to blowdry it)

In the future, someone will invent an app where you choose a hairstyle you love, point your smart phone at your head, and your hair instantly shape-shifts itself into that style.

It’s gonna be awesome! But until then, we’re still on the lookout for quick, easy ‘dos that look 100% fabulous, require 5% effort, and zap the time spent using a hair-dryer right out from your hairstyling routine.

But how do you create chic, polished hairstyles that’ll last through a busy day without looking like you were just too rushed to bother, or were simply too tired or lazy to give a rats?

Here are 3 great hairstyles for when your hair’s still wet, that’ll only you take a couple of minutes.


The Side & Wide

Recreate this look seen on the models at Elie Saab’s Spring show in Paris, by creating a deep side part, and securing your hair at the base of the neck with a wide, flat hair clip. Mist with a small amount of shine spray to keep it sleek.


The Hair Twist

Image: Hair Romance

Less than a minute of twisting, a couple of bobby pins, and you’re out the door. Visit Hair Romance to see a short video tutorial showing how it’s done.



The Wet-look Chignon

Apply mousse to wet hair, creating texture with your fingers. Scrape the hair back from your face into a low ponytail, twist the pony around itself and pin into place. Pull a few strands out of the chignon to loosen and create a fuller look, and muss the crown of your head for added texture. Finish with a gloss spray.



Want more? Try The One Minute Quick, Slick Hair Trick.


Now, anyone know a great app developer? I wanna start working on getting my invention up and running in this lifetime!


What’s your go-to wet hairdo?coathanger icon

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