It’s less than a minute till you need to be out of the door, yet your hair is still wet from the shower. Do you:

a) Give yourself a cursory glance in the mirror as you leg it out the door. Nothing new about this scenario!

b) Shove it into a messy pony that ends up looking flat and lank by morning tea.

c) Quickly squirt out some product, and roughly dry your hair with the hairdryer, accessorising with a clip or headband.

d) Make like the laziest models in Milan and do the Quick, Slick, Hair Trick?

How to do the Quick, Slick, Hair Trick

in less than a minute:

Step 1: Make a clean part in your hair with the sharp tail-end of a comb. Unless you’ve got perfectly symmetrical features like the lazy girls above, avoid the centre-part and go with what suits you best. HINT: A part that starts at the arch of your eyebrow suits most.

Step 2: Grab some hair product – ideally a smoothing serum, or something that has the words ‘nourishing, shine, or gloss’ on the pack. Comb a small amount into your hair, starting around the part-line, and the hair near the sides of your face to tame fly-aways. Then smooth a little more into the ends of your hair. TIP: If you don’t have this type of product handy, grab some mousse, or soft styling wax instead –  the key is to stop the ‘frizzies’ and hold your hair. 

Step 3: Comb your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, and fold it into itself, smoothing the ends with extra product if needed.

Step 4: Depending on your hair type, bobby pin into place, and make some kind of fancy pointed end with the tip of your pony – like the models above. Or if you’ve got really fine hair like mine, accessorise with a metallic hair clip wrapped around the base of your low, wrapped pony. NOTE: This is the ‘magic step’ that takes this look from a lazy-slicked-back-look, to a lazy-off-duty-model-look.

Step 5: Mist with a strong-hold hairspray all over. If you’ve got extra seconds up your sleeve, spray some onto an old, clean toothbrush, and smooth over the edges of your part, and around your face. This will stop those cheeky sticky-outie-poky-uppy hairs from coming out to play during the day.

Step 6: Grab keys, bag, off-spring, and Go! Go! Go! You can high-five yourself on your clever hair-do when you’re in the car.

 MILAN Street Style photos by Diego Zuko via Harpers Bazaar


What’s your less-than-one-minute-hair solution?



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  • This will definitely go into my range of quick and “dirty” run out the door hairstyles – thank you 🙂
    Most of my hairstyles are done in less than 2 minutes, without styling aids. I have thick dark hair, which makes it easier, but also have a lot of (covered up) grey, which gets quite frizzy.
    My favs are:
    – braid across top/front and down to one side where it all gets dragged into a messy pony/bun thing – I have to thank you sooooo much for this one…this was from a post you did last year (I can’t remember which one right now – but its been a lifesaver – updated my look and is quick and easy! xx)
    – messy top knot bun type thing.
    – messy pony, in any position
    – messy chignon, in any position
    – anything with a braid going in any direction….my fav go to style for rushing off to yoga is a braid that starts off centre where my part is, goes across, down the side and then winds around the back to make a low side pony. Its the only style I’ve found that I can do every yoga position in without cricking my neck in some funny direction because I’ve got a mass of hair in the way. Haha, sounds odd I’m sure, but actually doesn’t look too bad 🙂

    PS – Andrea – thank you so much for your blog – you’ve helped to give me so much more confidence in myself and my limited wardrobe since I “liked” you on FB a year ago – xoxox

    • Hi Suzanne,
      Thanks for the great comments – I love your hair-style repertoire! This reminds me of that braid post – ’30 second Backyard Blake Braid’? Must try again myself.
      You are so luck to have thick hair – jealous!
      Thanks so much for the comment about the blog, I really appreciate it. x A

  • You are my hero! I never knew what cheeky sticky-outie-poky-uppy hairs were called, let alone how to fix them.
    People always assume because my hair is straight and fine that it’s easy to care for, but I don’t think it’s necessarily any easier than any other hair type. If it’s not perfect then it’s a mess, because it doesn’t have enough shape to do “casually messy” properly, especially when it’s long. And I’m not very patient, so it’s very rarely perfect…Have you ever thought of doing a FIF Dictionary post? I love the terminology you come up with for things.

    • LOL a FIF Dictionary post! Never thought of that… just goes to show I’m not much of a writer, just write how I speak…
      It’s funny about hair huh? We probably all struggle with our own hair thinking the ‘grass is greener’. I know I do! x A

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