Last week, Gwyneth Paltrow spoke out in a German issue of OK! about boob jobs. She said:

“Why not?”

“There’s actually nothing else to restore their original condition, is there?”

And she’s not the only mother disgruntled about the condition of her post-baby breasts.


After dutifully breastfeeding their offspring (where possible) many mothers eventually come to lament the condition of their breasts, describing them in colourful terms like Deflated BalloonsSpaniels’ Ears, or my personal favourite, Saggy Old Tea Bags.


When women decide not to have any more children and shut down the proverbial baby-making machine, the conversation often turns to the desire to renovate the old ‘fun bags’ so they can yet again be, well, fun!


I want a boob job!” is the common call.


A recent study by mamamia revealed that 48% of women would have a cosmetic procedure if money wasn’t an issue, and 22% would choose to have a breast enlargement.


I spoke with a friend of mine* – a mother of 4 – who recently had a breast augmentation, and she agreed to share her story:


Fox in Flats: Why did you decide to have a boob job?

As a teenager I was always hopeful that I still had some growing to do. By the time I reached 20, I finally accepted that this was it – insisting on buying a B cup when realistically I was a full A. 

I was happy with the shape of my boobs, but I desperately wanted them to be bigger. I always wore heavily padded bras and if I was wearing an evening dress, I’d stuff chicken fillets to my sexiest bra.

For the most part, everyone thought I was fairly well endowed. Those oh so lucky lads who got to see me peel my jellies off, well, you know what it’s like, it’s really difficult to disappoint in that situation!  

I always knew that I’d have an enhancement but decided to wait until after I’d had my kids.


FIF: How did you feel about it in the lead up to the surgery?

What surprised me was the number of factors I needed to consider. In terms of implants, there are different base shapes (round or oval); surfaces (textured, smooth, polyurethane); shape (there are 5 different projections); placement (under or over the muscle); where the incision should be made; and the all-important question of size.

I suggest you define your ‘perfect’ breast and describe that to your surgeon. I asked for a gentle slope from shoulder to nipple as I did not want a big ‘step’ showing exactly where the implant started. I also felt strongly that I did not want a 2 inch valley between my breasts. Above all I wanted a natural looking breast. 

Do not compare sizes with your friends”

The best way to test for size – although only an indicator – is to go and buy a cheap bra in your desired bra size and try these on with some home-made implants. Real implants are measured in cubic centimetres, where 1cc is equal to 1 ml. Pour the equivalent measure of rice e.g. 350ml or 400ml into a sandwich packet (loosely packed) and then wear these in you bra around the house under various outfits to give you an idea of the size you would like to be. For the most part, those who’ve had implants wish they’d gone a size bigger – myself included.

The cardinal rule with size is:  Do not compare sizes with your friends, unless they are the same frame, height and weight as you, they have the same shape and size breast to begin with, and they have had the same implant placed in the same way as you are intending. The results for one person are no way an indicator of the expected results of another.  


FIF:  How did you feel immediately post-op?

The first thing I did was look down my shirt and breathe a sigh of relief that I had gone with the size of implant that I did. I would have been extremely disappointed had I gone any smaller.

OMG it is frigging sore”

On the subject of pain – OMG it is frigging sore. You need to take the painkillers religiously every 6 hours for the first 3 days. I also slept a lot in the first couple of days, probably just getting over the general anaesthetic. The good news is this only lasts for 3 days. Day 4 is a huge improvement both in ease of movement and in pain. I went back to work after 10 days. 


FIF:  How did you feel a few weeks down the track?

With anything, time is a wonderful healer. By 6 weeks, I was feeling back to normal, but I think that breasts still need time to properly settle in. I have heard that you need to wait for 3 months to feel less like you have a rock on your chest and about a year before you feel like your implants are part of you.


FIF: How did other people react?

Husband: Leading up to the op, he got angry and was questioning my motives.  I assured him these had not changed in the 15 years I’d known him and the augmentation was all about what I wanted. I never doubted he loved me as I was, but also didn’t doubt he would appreciate the improved version of me.

Friends: Supportive and delighted for me – aaahhhhh now isn’t that how it should be, even if they thought differently?

Kids: They are too young to know the difference (oldest is 6) and I kept it a secret from them. They didn’t notice.


How would you describe the condition of your breasts post-baby?

Would you consider a boob job?

And what tips do you have for making the most of your post-baby boobs?

baby hanger


*Thanks to my lovely buddy for sharing her story so openly xxx

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  • I am definately in the “would do it if I could afford it” group! As a A-B cup all my life having kids and breastfeeding hasnt really ruined by breasts as there wasnt much there to start with!!
    My hubby is against it as he has heard they feel different and he recons chicken fillets are fine for enhancing the way I look. But I often do the push up bra AND chicken fillets so personally if I had the cash I’d go the permanent option.
    But I choose to be a stay at home mum so the odds of us finding the cash are low 🙂

  • My sister had a breast lift after the birth of her 2nd (and last) child.  She thought they were saggy and she didn’t feel good about them.  I have breast fed all 4 of my kids and although my boobs are definitely not as perky as they used to be they aren’t quite at the saggy tea bag stage.  In the end I think it comes down to how you feel about your appearance personally.  Even if my boobs were sagging down to my knees (which I am pretty sure they will one day!) I woulnd’t do anything more about it than wear a push up bra when I went out.  The appearance of my boobs doesn’t mean all that much to me and I am not interested in what other people think about them either for that matter  But for my sister it was a really big issue – even though only she and her partner would see them.  She is quite a body conscious person and I am not.  So I don’t think it really depends on ‘level of sagginess’ I think it depends more on level of care factor about said sagginess 🙂

  • I reckon I’d get one if money wasn’t an issue.  I have been left with less than nothing it feels.  I at least had a B at one stage (C at my height of Pamela Anderson/just given birth stage).

    I do have a kick arse bra but some curves around there would be nice.  If I win the lottery, boob jobs for ALLLLL

  • When I fell pregnant with my third, I joked that the baby bonus would be spent on a boob job. Now this baby is 14 months, I don’t think I could go through with it. The pain, the downtime, trying to explain it to everyone (I hate lying, but would be too embarrassed to admit to it).
    I started off a D and ended up a D, although the shape has changed. I like to think of my boobs as ‘slightly melty icecream’.
    Plus, do I really want to be a 70 year old with fantastic norgs?

  • I don’t think I would… I was a A cup before kids and after breastfeeding 2 of them I am now a B…I haven’t noticed much of a difference in them to be honest. I only know I am a bigger size because I had a bra fitting at Christmas time. If there was a dramatic difference I may be more inclined to do so. I know a girl who had a boob job because she claimed they were saggy after birth. She didn’t breastfeed so I am not sure how different they really were but she seems a hell of a lot happier now so if it’s going to change your life, then why not?

  • I’m the opposite if money and pain weren’t an issue I’d get a reduction. Before baby no 1 I was about an E. During pregnancy I would’ve been about an E-F. Post baby no 1 back to an E. Twelve months later feel pregnant with baby no 2. Stacked on the weight and went to a what for it…. G cup! Post baby no 2 I’m an F and it’s twelve months down the track. Losing weight won’t mean I’ll lose my twins maybe a cup size but that’s it. My husband loves them I can loathe and love them. They aren’t too saggy but aren’t exactly perky either. I’ve had breasts from the age of 8 so with that I’ve been teased as well. If it can change your life then I say go for it.

    • Me too!! I have had big boobs since the 5th grade!! First one in a bra! I totally skipped training bras! I am a natural D cup pre-pregnancy but I have a small frame and I am only 5′ 1″. I would love to be a C cup. During pregnancy (which I am currently cookig baby #3) I balloon up to G cup by the end, while nursing I am for sure an H up! It’s freaking crazy!! All my friends love their nursing boobs! I hate mine! I hope in the future when my body gets back to normal to get a breast reduction and lift! I would be thrilled with that. Always dealt with back issues too! So we will see!! 🙂

  • i am constantly telling HB I want a boob job when Im done having kids.. the thing is Im not sure when Ill be done.. and Im a little scared of surgery but Im with you on the natural looking part! nothing worse than the rockmelon look!

  • I miss my boobs. They were awesome, if a teeny bit saggy, as I was an E cup. Then I breastfed (and still am) and all of a sudden they are exactly like what Anthony Kiedis would wear on stage in the ’90s, except for the stripes. My mom said 10 years after her last baby hers went back to being full…. It seems I’d better get used to what I’ve got haha

  • I never would but I also don’t feel the need. I thought I’d lost a lot of mass post feeding but after finally having a proper fitting it turns out I am the same size. All I’d really lost was buoyancy and a lot of latitude. Without a good t-shirt bra, I am flatter now and much closer to elbow than armpit. :/

    What bugs me is how Summer clothes don’t seem to allow for this- spaghetti straps, boob tubes and halter necks are everywhere. Sick of having strapless bras suggested to me when one of the most important factors for me is ‘lift’!

      • I have the solution!  I have very full bosoms underneath but flatter on top (always have been this shape, even when I had teeny tiny tatas).

        I finally found THE.BEST.STRAPLESS.BRA.EVER!  It is by La Mystere and cost me about $120.  Which I nearly died over paying for a special occasion bra only.

        But I wear it all the time.  It’s also opened up a huge range of outfits that I can now wear that weren’t previously possible.

        It has what I can only describe as a built in shelf at the bottom of the bra.  My boosies sit on top of the shelf, which gives shape and support.  The top of the bra does not squish them flat because the support comes from the base of the bra, not the top.

        It is comfortable, gives great bosom and also comes with decorated straps.

        I later found the bra in the DJs warehouse at Birkenhead Point for $27.  Bonus!:)

  • Part of me says yes, part says no…I would really really love to get rid of the T-Bag effect but I’m not sure about the implant part.  My rack still looks fabulous with a good bra and I’ve always made sure not to do much damage through exercise by strapping them in place, it’s breastfeeding and the up and down size as a result…perhps I’ll have them fixed as a 40th birthday present to myself?  that still gives them a few years to right themseves 😉  Great post & interview!  Tatum xx

    • Thanks Tatum,
      I was a little nervous about this one – the topic seems a little taboo. But I’ve been part of so many discussions with mums about it that I know it’s something many are really very curious about. 
      Love “my rack still looks fabulous”. Work it baby!

  • I must admit I have watched those female weight lifters during the olympics and thought (only half joking) perhaps I could take up weight lifting when I finish breast feeding… at least I would have an excuse for the flat chest and a bit of muscle definition on other parts of me wouldn’t look half bad either.

  • I am the only woman I know who got bigger boobs after breast feeding.. I was looking forward to them shrinking a bit.  I’m not showing off.  They’re huge and painful a lot of the time.  And saggy.  Big saggy boobs are not the greatest look.  But what the heck, I am a bit more appreciative of them after I had a scare with a lump last year.  Having said that, my best friend got breast implants after going completely flat after breastfeeding and her boobs look fantastic.  Not huge, just right for her frame.  I say, if it makes you feel good, go for it.  It’s okay to be nice to ourselves 🙂

    • Don’t feel alone, that’s me too.  I’m now a 10G, instead of my pre-pregnancy Cs. 

      However, I don’t get pain except when my period is due, and I had that even when I had no bazonkers at all.  I have lovely bras from Freya and Fantasie (and even found a fab Seafolly and a Isola bikini this season!) and no longer feel discomfort.

      I’m quite enjoying my boosies.  I didn’t have anything at all until I was in my early 20s (like NOTHING!) and then got a bit more in my mid 20s.

      One of our friends says “Yup, big boobs do get saggy.  But they’re still big boobs!”.  Men! 

  • I never contemplated cosmetic surgery until after I finished breastfeeding with my toddler. Now pregnant again, my boobs are humungous, bigger then with my first, and I am not looking forward to the after effects. I feel a little vain contemplating surgery but confidence wise I think it would be worth it. Although I am not sure whether I am a candidate because I don’t really want to go bigger but because my skin is so stretched and crepey (spelling??) i think the only way to make them pert is to be bigger??? Not sure.

  • Great post.  Love it.  I actually put out a request for a pro-bono tummy tuck and boob job via my blog.  Totally shocked that no surgeon has come forward to volunteer….

    I put on a lot of weight pre-pregnancy (yes…pre), then lost it all, then put it on again, then got pregnant, then lost it.  Phew…  Then got pregnant with the twins, put it all back on AGAIN plus some extra, and now have lost every single bit of it.  Except my skin shall never be the same again.

    I don’t just ‘want’ a boob job and tummy tuck – I actually need them.  Between the twin pregnancy and mega weight loss, I could quite easily be mistaken for one of those saggy skinned dogs.

    Thrilled I’ve been able to do my bit for the universe and procreate as intended – but it really makes me feel totally un-feminine to look in the mirror at the resulting train wreck!

    So, good for you for having a boob job.  And Gwyneth – I agree – why not?

    • Yeah, was stoked that my friend agreed to share all of this with me/us. And by the way, I’ve seen the new boobies and they look unreal. In a real and good way 😉 x

  • Boobs… I LOVE boobs. Just not thrilled with mine lol. Went from flat chested to size D apparently overnight… back in the day when most bras only went up to a C cup Breastfed 2 bubs & am now (OOOH dare I admit this???) a … G… EEEK. Yes, they also disappear when I lie down. I’ve lost a bit of weight … I’m not overweight, but buying tops is no fun. Would I have a breast reduction?? In a heart beat, I have the perfect size & shape in mind as well. BUT (isn’t there always a “but”??) life just gets in the way. So they’ll have to wait.  For those of us who are, how shall I put this… well endowed… & you live in Melbourne, go to  Only because they are amazing. Fitted my DD who was being “fitted” into 10D into her correct size 6F. Some of us get them back, some of us don’t… just remember, gravity will win no matter what we do

  • I’ve always liked my boobs and I’m pretty happy with them now.  I was a 12B-10C before I got pregnant, rapidly expanded to a E and am now a 10G. They’re definitely  not as high as they once were, but I’m happy with them (and so is the Welshman!).  Still nice and round and pointing in the right direction!  All good.

    It doesn’t seem to matter if I lose weight or not, they only seem to get bigger every year (my weight is relatively static at about size 12).  I have to be careful about what I wear so I don’t look frumpy or bigger than I am.  I do spend a lot of money on bras but it is so worth it! :)I can’t imagine myself ever having a boob job.  I’m not planning on ever breastfeeding again, but I’d hate to lose my breast sensitivity.

  • Can I ask:

    – now you’re 5 months further along – do they feel more normal?
    – What was your husband’s reaction post-op?
    – has anyone noticed before you’ve told them that you had it done?
    – did it reduce nipple sensitivity? ie did you ‘lose’ an erogenous zone; and
    – how much bigger did you go? You were an ‘A’ pre-op?

    Just always interested in those things 🙂


    • I just had an RnR (remove and replace). I got implants orginally when I was 19. I just never grew infact I was a AA cup if Im honest. I then went on to breast fed three very clever babies and Im now week two of the last surgery. I decieded to replace them from a saline to one of the new silicone ‘models’ after having trouble free implants for 15 years.I replaced them as the saline implants are harder and my kids who dont know (6,4,2 years) commented on that hard lump in my chest. That bothered me. The silicone is a much better option. So soft. When I first got them at 19 it took around 3 months to settle. No one has or did notice. If they did they never asked but I never wanted anyone to know so I never told. I went from an A to C cup and regarding the nipples I didnt loose I gained a zone I never knew I My husbands reaction he loves them..but I did it for me. I did it for me orginally and chose to do it again for me.

  • I loved your header photo. I have littlies, but I am not interested in a boob job. I wanted one for years, and now I don’t. Maybe age has made me appreciate them. They may be small, breast fed two babies but they are still lovely and neat with the same shape. It took kids to make me really appreciate small breasts.  Rachel x 

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