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By Andrea

Yesterday an old school friend sent me a link to the most beautiful and inspiring short documentary I’ve ever seen. It touched me in a way that is hard to articulate, and moved me to tears – some happy, some sad.


It’s about beauty.

It’s about friendship.

It’s about unconditional love.

Love toward others, and love toward ourselves.

I wish I had seen this years ago.


So go – make yourself a cup of tea, coffee, or pour a glass of wine, and take 15 minutes to watch this. I just know it will touch you too.

The Light That Shines by the amazing Hailey Bartholomew on Vimeo.


Beauty is the light that shines out of people’s eyes when they look at you, and it’s when you hold their gaze, and then everything falls away. And then you see their true self, and it’s staring back at you. It’s magnificent. And everybody has it.”



To donate money toward research to find a much-needed cure click here.


Do you have a friend or loved one who has battled breast cancer too?

Or maybe you are going through it yourself, or have done so and come out the other side?

I’d love to hear your stories.

x Andrea


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