The day I found the perfect blazer and a lump in my breast

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to go on Channel 7’s The Morning Show and put in my 10 cents worth about shoes. As you do when you’re a mum in the ‘burbs with two little kids.

And after sorting out early morning care for my boys, my thoughts turned to the next most important thing: what to wear.

Fortunately, I ran into Mia Freedman (publisher of the ridiculously successful website Mamamia, and frequent appearer on The Box) at an event that we were both attending, and I took the opportunity to pick her brains about what kind of clothing works well on tele. As you do. Kind enough not to laugh at my predicament, she offered the advice “Wear Block Colours.”

The next day, I had a child-free hour of speed-shopping where I found the ‘perfect blazer’: classic cut, sitting just-so on the shoulders, softly draped lapels, an on-trend pastel minty colour, and all for the bargain price of $129.95. To double-check that it was TV-worthy, I had the sales assistant snap off this photo on my phone to send to a buddy for The Verdict.

Clearly this photo was never intended to be published on the internet or I would’ve at least combed my hair, or attempted a camp OTT expression…


Yet as I was slipping off that jacket and white top in the fitting room I noticed a lump on my breast, about the size of a grain of rice. As my face drained of colour, and took on a pallor similar to that on-trend shade of minty green, my friend’s text came back with one word: “PERFECT!”

Sorry babe, not anymore. This situation was anything but.

For anyone who’s come within breathing distance of breast cancer, the fear of a lump is palpable, and I’ve looked the Big C in the eye and she slapped me hard. See, my mum discovered a lump in her breast when she was in her 20’s and never made it to my age. So I’m pretty shit-scared when it comes to lumps on my bumps.

Yet happily for me, this story ends well.

Within 24 hours I was sharing this update on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:


And now, I’ve written about the whole experience at the request of Mia over at Mamamia.


But as we know, it’s not a happy ending like this for everyone.

And so today, please be reminded to check your breasts regularly.”

If you’re unsure how to do this, or what to look for, check out this great resource at the McGrath Foundation. If you’ve found something strange going on in boob-land, get thee to the doctor, stat, as early detection is vital, and it’ll stop you going pre-maturely grey with worry.


And along with this happy ending, it’s only fitting to share my ‘perfect blazer’s’ moment of glory on planet TV. Although it’s now in the dry cleaners who are working like demons to remove the sweat patches from under the arms.


Have you ever found a lump? How long did it take you to check it out? And what was The Verdict?

And any tips for getting sweat stains out of a brand new jacket will be greatly appreciated….

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