Your Essential Spring/Summer Shoe Guide

Essential spring summer shoe guide Fox in Flats ECCO

By Andrea Zanetich in collaboration with ECCO Shoes

The scent of frangipani and sunscreen tangled in the warm air.

The gentle clink of ice cubes in a frosty glass.

Ear-slitting grins of children with watermelon drips on their chins.

And bare skin, warm to the touch long after the deep sun sets.

Ah summer you cheeky minx, we love you so!


And with this blissful season upon us, it’s time to both re-evaluate our wardrobes to see what’ll get us through those long hot days, and think about key wardrobe investments.


So with our friends at ECCO shoes, we’ve compiled the Essential Spring/Summer Shoe Guide.


In it you’ll find:

  • The 6 key styles essential for the season
  • Tips on what to look for when shopping
  • Styling ideas and inspiration
  • A bunch of easy summer beauty tips
  • A handy guide on where to wear your shoes – road tested by yours truly on all terrains.


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Fox in Flats ECCO Shoes Shoe Guide


Here’s to smiling, happy and comfy days ahead filled with sunshine and lollipops!”


What do you look forward to the most about Spring and Summer?

And what’s on your shoe-shopping list for the season ahead? 


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