Bedtime books for sweet, stylish dreams

After a long day wrangling the children, there’s no better way to unwind than curling up in bed with a fun, indulgent book.

Here are 5 top tomes that’ll guarantee you’ll slumber in style:


1. My Mom, the Style Icon

New research shows that, due to increased pressure to juggle work and family life, women today are yearning for the apparently more balanced ‘golden age’ that their mothers enjoyed in the 70s and 80s.

Me? I’m just yearning for the clothes. Check them out in this fab book:

My Mom, The Style Icon $13


2. Mia Culpa

Journalist, social commentator, and publisher of the wildly successful Australian women’s website Mamamia*, Mia Freedman muses about life, love, and style-related issues in her customary tongue-in-cheek way.

It’s filled with observations like this: according to Mia, as you get older you need a bit more body fat to fill out the lines and wrinkles on your face, but to have a good butt, you need a low percentage of body fat. So you need to decide which one is more important.

She defines the situation as:

“The Sophie’s Choice of female vanity: face or ass. Oh, whatever shall we do?”

Mia Culpa $23.95


3. Christian Lacroix and the Tale of Sleeping Beauty: A Fashion Fairy Tale Memoir

In this contemporary twist on the tale of Sleeping Beauty, Monsieur Lacroix shows he’s not only an iconic fashion designer, but an awesome artist.

Sleeping Beauty: A Fashion Fairy Tale Memoir $14


4. Anonymums

It’s about a few mothers who, bored with the perceived monotony of their lives, give each other dares to spice things up a little. You’ll never look at a brazilian wax – or a suburban mother – the same way again.

This book inspired The Red Lipstick Dare on Fox in Flats, where we challenged ourselves to wear red lipstick for an entire week, from morning till night, with eye-opening results. Try it yourself, here. I dare you…

Anonymums $23.75


5. Dannii Minogue: My Style

Ok, I’ll admit I’ve not read this one yet. But I challenge anyone to say they were not totally obsessed with her spiral perm in the 80s when she starred on Young Talent Time. Worth it for curiosity value, and hopefully, pervy pics of that perm.

Dannii Minogue: My Style $29.95


What great books have inspired your style? 

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*Mamamia is such a clever and fab site that they’ve run some of our stuff here and here.