Keeping it for ‘good’

Do you have a ‘good’ sitting room? A ‘formal’ dining room? Special glasses and silverware? If you don’t, I bet your folks or your in-laws do.

Rooms and things that have gone horribly out of date but are deemed ‘good’ and so are only used for special occasions or company.

And it’s the same with clothes.

Taking a scan of my wardrobe I spy a bunch of things that have only been worn for special occasions but are now teetering on the verge of fashion don’t-land. On closer inspection I just noticed a moth has had a munch out of one of my favourite dresses.

Use it or lose it.

As mothers, we have loads of fashion issues (click here for the top 5). Our survey also revealed that after we have children half of us claim to wear hardly any, or none of our pre-baby wardrobe.

Ladies, it is time to start making the most of what we have left, ‘special’ or not. Either that or the moths will be eating well.

Besides, it’s the fashion.

Our old buddy Karl Lagerfeld has clearly thought this one through and has these words of advice..

“Of course there are some evening dresses that you cannot wear in daylight because it would be ridiculous, but there is a kind of dressy touch for day wear too..(There’s) no barrier between dressy, day and sports. It’s feminine 24 hours a day” Karl Lagerfeld.

Thanks K.L. I can’t say I feel particularly feminine while I am wiping bottoms, but this is food for thought nonetheless.

The Challenge

Recently, I’ve challenged my thinking about ‘special’ clothes in a bid to make the most of my current wardrobe.

I took a couple of items out of their dry cleaner plastic and took them for an outing with my kids.

Sequined bolero to the park.

I dressed this down with a very basic jeans & singlet combo, and my hair was kind of ‘bed-head’ (ok, ok I’ll admit, I didn’t really do much with it that day and it looked a bit crap).

That said, as I was driving, I phoned my husband in raptures saying “everything looks better in sequins!”

My son told me “You sparkle like the night sky”

Verdict: Why not? Totally appropriate, and would do again. Dress it down.

Fur coat to the beach.

Whoops please don’t go all PETA on me, its faux…

The locals at Freshwater beach were perhaps slightly perturbed but gee was I snug on that chilly day! As an added bonus, I felt a bit Bette Midler in Beaches. In a good way…

A little out-of-place in the local fish ‘n chip shop as I ordered lunch for the family but felt totally glam so I didn’t care.

Verdict: So long as you are up for the freaky movie star vibe, DO IT! Add oversize sunnies and bright lippy to really work it.

Fur coat to Coles.

Popped in to pick up a few groceries on the way home.

Bad vibe.

Verdict: Only dare if you are up for a few scathing looks from other women and bewildered looks from the guys who pack the fruit and veg.

How about you? What are you keeping for “good” that you might just be able to wear today with your kids?