What we really want for Mother’s Day? Free Time.

By Andrea Zanetich

Forget the new dressing gown.

Forget the slippers.

The chocolates.

The dust-gathering-trinkets.

And even forget that wonky, hand-made card.

What women really, really want for Mother’s Day is the gift of time.

In a survey of 144 mothers by Fox In Flats, more than half claim they would look “significantly better” if they simply had more time to themselves.”


What would we do with this gift of time?

Probably go shopping, sort through our wardrobes to compile outfits, and maybe simply take more time to get ready in the morning.


63% agreed they would look significantly better if they had more time to shop.

As a mother of three children under 3 from Castle Hill, NSW said:

(my biggest fashion issue is) having the time just to browse the shops – it is almost a grab and go situation now.”

And, shopping with the children just doesn’t cut it, according to this mother of two children under 5, from Belmont, VIC:

Taking kids with me is just a hassle and not enjoyable.”

55% agreed they would look significantly better if they had more time to get ready.

Before having kids, most women claimed to spend about 45 minutes getting ready. Yet after having kids 62% say they have less than 15 minutes up their sleeves. It’s little wonder our go-to hairstyle is a quick pony-tail.

Having the time to take care of myself and get ready in the morning is my biggest issue.”

Mother to three kids under 6, New Farm, QLD.

53% agreed they would look significantly better if they had more time to make the most of their current wardrobe.

Mothers simply don’t have time to “shop their wardrobe” to make the most of the items they already have.

Not having time to look through my wardrobe and compile outfits drives me nuts. I end up wearing the same things week in and week out, but I know I could mix it up more if I had the chance to work-shop my outfits more.”

Mother of two children under 5, Tanunda, SA.


The 4 other biggest fashion issues facing mothers were:

  1. Dressing a body shape that had changed
  2. Finding stylish clothes that are also comfortable and practical
  3. Not enough money
  4. Lack of sleep

Click here for the full run down on the Top 5 Fashion Issues facing Mothers.


Download your FREE Fox In Flats Mother’s Day Gift Voucher

To help you get what you really, really want this Mother’s Day – some time to yourself – Fox In Flats has created a  gift voucher for you to send to your partner, or child if they are old enough, as a not-so subtle hint on what to give you.

To email it to them, simply click on the envelope icon at the end of this article.

Or, take matters into your own hands, and download it for them:

Download me now! Right click. ‘Save image as…’ onto your computer, and print. Then leave around the house somewhere obvious, and cross your fingers!


If you are lucky enough to receive one of these vouchers this Mother’s Day, how would you spend it?

Shopping and going through your wardrobe? Or something else?


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