5 quick ways to dress up your ponytail.

As mothers, the simple ponytail tends to be the daily fall back hair style.

Here are some easy ways to dress up your ponytail today.

1. Twist your fringe back like Heather Morris.

Simply leave the front section of the hair out of your ponytail, slightly twist it on the diagonal toward one ear, and secure with a hairpin that matches your hair colour.


2. Tuck in a feather like they did at a Jason Wu show.

If you don't have a beautiful feather, how about clipping in a brooch?

But, if you are worried you might come off looking like Pocahontas with the feather thing…

3. Add a flower.

Fresh from the garden, or as part of a hair accessory. Instantly pretty.

4. Try a new take on the pony wrap.

You probably know the trick of wrapping a length of hair around an elastic band to cover it, for a more polished look, but this takes it to a whole new level.

Leave a strand of hair loose near the base of your pony, then wind it around the elastic and wrap it a few more times around the tail itself. Secure the ends of the strand to the reverse side of the ponytail using one or two discreetly placed hair pins. Then add a couple more strategic pins to keep the wrap from sliding off your elastic.

According to the Bumble and Bumble stylist who did this hairstyle at a Max Azria show, it is easy to do (but obviously, you need fairly long, and relatively thick hair to get the exact look this model has.)

5. Try a messy side pony

This one is great if your hair is unwashed, as it makes it slightly easier to do.
It’s also great if you have fine hair like me.

Spray roots with volumiser and scrunch or air dry. Part on the side, or add a zig zag part if your hair colour is in need of a touch up. Secure slightly below the middle of the back of your neck, and to the side, and scrunch again for volume.


Have a great day pony girls!