Dare of the week: Flowers

Hooray – Spring is officially here! And now that the flowers are starting to bloom in backyards around Australia, it’s time to bring some flower power into our wardrobes.

So this week, we’re daring you to celebrate Spring with a touch of flowers every day – for 7 days straight.”

It’s the continuation of nearly twelve months of Style Dares on Fox in Flats, where we’ve been challenging ourselves to step out of our style comfort-zones, haul ourselves out of  our style ruts, shake off our day-to-day mummy uniforms, and spice things up a little. And this week is going to be blooming marvelous!


Dare of the week: Flowers

The rules:
  • Wear something floral – ideally as a feature of your outfit –  from when you get dressed in the morning till you brush your teeth before bed at night.
  • Join in whenever you like, but to fully complete the Dare, you need to do it for 7 days straight.
  • Tell us all about it as you go. Tweet @FoxinFlats using #FlowerDare, post pics on our Facebook, add to the Comments section below, or Instagram it. It’s so fun and inspiring to see what everyone comes up with, and you’ll get some great ideas, too!


Tips and ideas:

1. A fresh bud from the garden pinned to your top becomes a beautiful ‘living’ brooch.



2. If you’re up for some retail therapy, look for a floral blazer in a classic cut, and work back with blue jeans, and a simple white T.

I bought this floral jacket from Target – a collaboration with GRAZIA mag – for just $100. Score! Buy online here (but if you bump into me and we’re wearing the same jacket…I HAD IT FIRST, OK?!)



3. Channel Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City and wear an oversized corsage on your collarbone.



4. Got a floral maxi or two hanging languidly in the closet that’s just waiting for warmer days? You can wear it now, using these 7 easy ideas.



5. Mix, match, and clash floral prints. Check out how to mix prints without looking like you got dressed in the dark for tips.



6. You can wear flowers in your hair without heading to San Francisco. Add to an everyday ponytail using these tips, or simply secure into a messy up-do.


See Pene’s easy 5 step hair tutorial here. 



7. Scour thrift stores or delve into Nana’s jewellery box to uncover vintage brooches with floral motifs. For more ideas on how to work floral pins and brooches into your look this week, click here.



What’s a bunch of blooms without people to admire them?

So we wanna see your week doing the Flower Dare – it’s all part of the fun!

So upload your photos in the Comments section below, or share them on FacebookTwitter or Instagram using @FoxInFlats#FlowerDare

Blogging about your week doing the @FoxinFlats#FlowerDare? Let us know so we can share it around. Who knows, you might even make our next Top 50 Style Dare Bloggers list…



And if you’re facing a challenging week ahead, rest up and listen to our old friend old Siggy Freud who wisely said:

“Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts.”



Here’s to a week coming up roses!

baby hanger1 DARE you to throw a party all week...on your NECK!



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x Andrea