Why red lipstick can make you feel more empowered, more glam, and more awake

Marilyn pouted in it, Gwyneth lists it as her makeup essential, and Gwen Stefani probably sleeps in it. But you don’t need to be a Hollywood legend, an Oscar winner or a world-famous pop star to be able to pull of Red Lipstick.

Several weeks ago we challenged readers of Fox in Flats to wear Red Lipstick every day for a week, and called it The Red Lipstick Dare. Thousands of red lips puckered up for a week of fun with the iconic tube of waxy stuff. And in doing so, found that wearing red lipstick made them feel more empowered, more glam, and more awake.

As Tamsin said about The Red Lipstick Dare on her blog:

It sounds like such a simple thing, but it’s really made a difference. I feel more alive, more awake. I feel more glamorous and yes, sexier. I’ve received lots of compliments, not just on my lips, but on my outfits this week – even though I wore the same thing last week and nobody noticed.”


Here are just a few of the things some fab women wrote about their week doing The Red Lipstick Dare:

Michelle wrote on her blog OzMumSpeak: “It was uplifting to see how encouraging and supportive everyone who participated in the Dare was of everyone else’s photos.” She also posted how committing herself to taking photos of herself daily made her become “more comfortable in my skin, flaws and all.” Read her entire post here.


I always think that the best thing to do for a pick-me-up is to throw on the red lippy!”

Rhi @Hummingbirdssong

This post – Red Lips Cure Emotional Dips: A Fairy Tale For Grown-Ups! by Chantelle, describes how The Red Lipstick Dare helped to make her feel better after illness, and helped her to “…stand tall, be confident, be brave...” It’s a must read.


Kim-Marie shared on her blog that she not only  “…gardened, worked, walked, exercised, shopped, laundered, partied, danced, and cooked” wearing her red lipstick, she also managed to find new ways to wear it: “A casual red lip with orange skinny jeans, a rock-chick date-night red lip with smokey eyes, and a ladylike red lip for the office.”


Catherine @CoTaaB persisted with the Dare,

despite having had dental surgery that week, writing:

I rarely wear make up, and even during the Dare I just had lippy and mascara on – but boy did it make a difference! I kept catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thinking “Hey! I scrub up ok!”


Jodi @lipglossmumma revealed:

I loved the Dare and found it not only fun and challenging, but also surprisingly empowering!”


Norlin shared on her blog how her husband was caught “checking out a gorgeous chick wearing red lipstick on Facebook“, only to realise that it was her – sprung!


And here’s what I found when I did the Red Lipstick Dare the first time around:


If you’ve done The Red Lipstick Dare too and would like to contribute your photos to our Mega Red Lipstick Gallery, send them to FoxinFlats@hotmail.com with subject title: Red Lipstick Dare Photos, in jpeg format, and saved as your name and/or handle.


And if you’ve not done The Red Lipstick Dare yet, perhaps it’s time?
All the details are here.

Thanks so much to everyone who took part – Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!


How do you feel when you’re wearing Red Lipstick?

Is it something you wear very frequently, or do you save it only for special occasions? 

And what’s your all-time favourite red lipstick colour? 


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