The easiest, sexiest, most fun way to add some Christmas Cheer that suits every figure

Not long ago, we had a bit of fun on Fox in Flats by throwing down a good old-fashioned dare: Wear Red Lipstick every day for an entire week.

Red lipstick doesn’t suit me!” exclaimed some.

“My lips are too thin!” whispered others.

And we heard many cries of “I’m too chicken!”

Yet thousands of women did take up the dare, and sent their photos in to Fox in Flats.

Here’s just a small selection of the many lovely lips that came our way. It just goes to show that no matter what shape your lips (or your thighs!) are, or the shade of red you choose, red lippy is a super easy way to add some cheer to your day.

I dare you to look at these photos without smiling…
Perhaps it’s more naughty than nice, but either way, Santa will be pleased!
For tried and true red lipsticks to buy, click here.
For tips on how to apply your lipstick to last through the silly season, click here.
And want to try the Red Lipstick Dare yourself? All the details are here.

How do you add a touch of Christmas cheer to your outfits during the holiday season?

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Thanks to all the lovely lipped ladies who sent me their photos. You’re all awesome!

x Andrea

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