The Fox in Flats Top 50 Style Dare Bloggers, 2012

One Sunday six months ago, a book called The Anonymums inspired me to throw down a style challenge to the readers of Fox in Flats: would you, could you wear red lipstick every day for a whole week?

It was only ever meant to be a one-off bit of fun. But after 7 days of being inundated with photos of smiling, puckered, grinning and saucy red lips, it became obvious that the idea of a challenge was something people wanted a lot more of. Over a few glasses of wine, an action plan was formulated, and The Fox in Flats Style Dares were born.

Mwah! Mwah! to the first ever Style Dare participants in The Red Lipstick Dare! 

Since then, we’ve laid down loads of very different Style Dares – you can check them all out here.

But whether they’ve been focused on hair, makeup or fashion, each Style Dare has had the same idea in common:

Let’s get out of our style comfort-zones and fashion ruts, and shake things up a bit.”

Just some of the participants in the Dare to wear something on your head all week.


Response to the Style Dares has been huge, and at times, overwhelming.

Inspired and inspiring women have sent us a flood of photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and many have also written about their experiences on their blogs. So, we thought it would be a fab idea to highlight that participation in the Dares by introducing…

…the Fox in Flats Top 50 Style Dare Bloggers.


Pretty much every blogger who’s posted an article about their Style Dare escapades and provided memorable photos of their experiences have been included on the list.

Each woman who has joined in and shared their Style Dare journeys has had something well worth learning from – and in the spirit of what Fox in Flats is all about, we really wanted to share their tips, ideas and inspiration around the ‘net.

Some of their learnings included:


“It made me look at what’s actually in my wardrobe. And I mean REALLY look!” Kate


“It made me be more creative – I’ve never been good at accessorising or taking the time to put together a ‘look’ for my day, but in that week I learnt to.” Megan


“…(the Dares)…made me feel just a little more confident and sexier.” Rachel.


“My girls are always so impressed and go overboard with telling me how pretty I look (and I love that!)” Cate.


“Actually making time for myself, trying to look at things from a different perspective and feeling more creative. I’ve loved it!” Gemma.


It’s not a competitive list – names are ordered alphabetically – because the intention is to be inclusive. But every person on the list is there because their blog is well worth having a look at, and contains something fab we can learn.

Only a teeny-tiny selection of the disco-divas from The Sparkle Dare. Our in-box was glitter-bombed that week, literally, and we needed to recover from it with sparkles you can drink…


But, if you think you’ve been left off the list and you’ve written something the rest of us would benefit from reading, then please add your blog link to the Comments section below – the more the merrier!

And for all the non-bloggers out there who’ve nailed the Style Dares week after week it’s time to get you’re own blog up and running because you’ve just gotta share your awesomeness around – Katie, Corinne, among so many others, we’re looking at you!

A big “thankyou!” to everyone who has joined in the Style Dares so far. It’s been great being reminded that experimenting with hair, clothes and make-up can be so much fun!”

We hope you enjoy getting to know the Fox in Flats Top 50 Style Dare Bloggers as much as we have, and you discover some more awesome sources of inspiration!

Andrea aka the Editor of Fox in Flats, and the person who will call you ‘Chicken’ if you’re not up for a Style Dare 😉


 The Fox in Flats Top 50 Style Dare Bloggers, 2012

1. A little red dress

Kylie can do a little red dress, a little red scarf, a little red nail, and a whole lot of little red sparkles! See her gorgeous pics from The Red Nail Darehere.

2. Absolute Amy

Amy got her glitter on for The Sparkle Dare, and shared her twinkly tips here.

3. AJ Howard

AJ’s kicked it to the curb on each and every dare, and while she doesn’t have her own blog (yet!) we harnessed her style talents to blog for Fox in Flats. You can find her stuff, including I got my brazilian in a supermarket aisle, here, here and here.

4. Baubles, Bubbles & Bags Style File

Norlin’s blog is chock-full of practical fashion and beauty tips, and true to form she’s shared her learnings from some of the Style Dares she’s tackled – and there have been loads – in blogs like 6 hairdos for those growing out their hair and The Head Dare that got me into a styling frenzy.

5. Easy Peasy Kids

Nathalie made it look easy-peasy to wear something on her head everyday for a week during the On Your Head Dare. You can see some of her handiwork here.

6. Eat Play Bond

Erin’s a colourful character anyway, but check out how she went when she took up The Colour Dare, here.

7. Emma Salkild

Emma’s a hardcore Dare devil, but the pictures of her gorgeous pregnant belly frocked up throught her week doing The Dress Dare were a standout.

8. Foxy and Fabulous 

Louise went glitter-crazy and wrote about how ‘The Sparkle Dare put a little bit of extra sparkle in my day‘.

9. Glossy Beauty

Ingrid’s not one to be called ‘chicken’ in a Dare. She hooked into The Hot Pink Lips Dare while on a whirlwind trip back home to Norway, even continuing the challenge during the long haul flight home. She documented that here, her creativity with The Sparke Dare here, and The Hair Dare, here.

10. GoodGoogs

Zoey got super-creative when she tried out 7 new hairstyles in 7 days for the Hair Dare. Check out her handiwork here.

11. Hair Romance

Christina’s shared the insides of her wardrobe in The Wardrobe Dare, embraced colour in The Colour Dare, rocked a hot pink lip amongst others, and as you can imagine, dominated The Hair Dare.

12.  Kate Says Stuff

Kate not only says stuff but she does stuff! Check out her awesome hair styles from The Hair Dare, here.

13. Kate’s in Melbourne

From her ride in the Hot Pink Lips Dare to a magnificent mane in The Hair Dare (here), Kate’s got it covered. And she’s also guested on Fox in Flats in one of the most entertainingly titled posts ever: The look good guide for too-busy-&-tired-to-give-a-crap mums.

14. Katy Potaty, Cupcake Lady

Katy’s been busy planning her wedding but has still had time to join in and rally the troops for The Hot Pink Lips Dare, amongst others. Super Potaty!

15. Keep Cate Busy

Cate’s been busy doing a bunch of Dares, but it was her response to The Wardrobe Dare (here) that really made me giggle.

16. Kimba Likes

I’m pretty sure Kim-Marie has participated in every single Style Dare, and she’s a champion at sharing her photos – along with her great fashion and beauty tips. So much so that she started her own blog, which is just as fab and engaging as her. See some of her Style Dare posts here, here, here and her fab turn in the On Your Head Dare, here.

17. Lashes & Lattes 

Rosemary’s gorgeous face lit up Instagram in pink when she did the Hot Pink Lipstick Dare. See some of her shots here.

18. Life, Love and Hiccups 

Sonia’s a bit of a Dare extraordinaire, and her efforts in the On Your Head Dare are featured here. But it was her swoon-worthy and very organised closet that I’ll never forget. Bravo!

19. Lipstick & Cake

Steph loves lipstick, cake and a good dare, as she wrote about here.

20. Living Upside Down

From her cheeky smile in The Red Lipstick Dare to her awesome effort in so many other Style Dares, I reckon Susan’s turned her wardrobe upside down. Champion effort!

21. Lotdeux

Adrienne’s photography is stunning, and her gorgeous pics during The Hot Pink Lips Dare were a standout.

22. Louwink

Lou got creative and sparkly for The Sparkle Dare, and you can read about it here.

23. Miss T’s Blog: Confessions of an Undomestic Goddess 

A seasoned Style Dare Devil, Tamsin took The Nail Dare one step further by wearing nailpolish for 30 days straight!

24. Muddled Up Mama

Jodie was brave enough to share the inside of her closet, along with some great tips when she did The Wardrobe Dare, here.

25. Mumma on the run 

Despite juggling a recent return to work, Katie managed to fit in the Hot Pink Lips Dare without dropping the ball.

26. My Big Nutshell

Gemma’s creative take on the Style Dares have been ever amusing. The McDonald’s Happy Meal Box on her head was a particular highlight. Some of her more wearable looks are featured here.

27. My Idea Life

Nicole’s neon yellow top nearly blinded during The Colour Dare! In a good way.

28. My Mummy Daze

Fiona rocked her red lips and shared them – and a fab pic – here.

29. Newsroom to Nursery

ElleEm loves a sparkle or two. Her photos during The Sparkle Dare were like a glitter bomb!

30. Paper Sand {ra} Life

Sandra summed up her learnings from her week doing The Black-Out Dare here, and “My week as a disco ball” sums it all up as sparkly Sandra!

31. Pene Turner

After doing every single Dare, inclusive of daily photos that are shared on the Fox in Flats FaceBook, Pene’s gotta be on the list! Pics of her efforts in The Head Dare and The Dress Dare were included here and here. Besides, I put her in a head-lock and forced her to share her style wisdom on-site, which she’s done here explaining how she rocked the colour Dare so easily, plus my personal fave: How to get awesome hair overnight with an old stocking and a stiff drink.

32. Planning with Kids

Mother of 5, published author and successful blogger, Nicole can also wear red lipstick and a dress for 7 days straight, easily. Is there nothing she can’t do? See her dress-wearing tips, and a pic of her jumping on a bed, here.

33. Redcliffe Style

From bringing Sexy Back to The Hair Dare, Rachel’s had months of joining our Style Dares, and accompanied them with gorgeous pics.

 34. Samantha Smith

Samantha’s full of beauty inspiration – check out her inspiration boards for The Hot Pink Lipstick Dare and The Sparkle Dare, here.

35. Seven Cherubs

Naomi twinkle twinkled like a little star during the On Your Head Dare and The Sparkle Dare. You can see some of her sparkly headbands here.

36. She’s Sonic

7 days of different hairstyles, a week of sparkles, and hot pink lips, there’s nothing Sonia can’t do! And she’s blogged about her fab fun here and here.

37. Shoes and Yoga

For entertaining daily blogs about a week doing The Colour Dare and The Dress Dare, take a peek here, and enjoy this newly re-titled blog (previously Law and Shoes).

38.  Singular Insanity

Dorothy gave The Scarf Dare a good Aussie go, and she wrote about it – and her perspective on self acceptance – here.

39. Styleaphile

As a New Yorker, The Black Out Dare was a snap for Sydney, and she shared her tips for creating an awesome closet when she joined The Wardrobe Dare. Check out her amazing shoe shelves, and her wardrobe styling tips, here.

40. Tattoo Mummy

Jess was inspiring in her week of wearing dresses and totally rocked The Vintage Dare. High Fives!

41. The Bernie Brand

Bernie’s a bit of a daredevil when it comes to food (Chocolate Pizza recipes on her site!) yet she’s always up for a good Style Dare. And the photos she shares of her efforts never fail to make me smile – especially her uncertain look wearing pigtails for The Hair Dare.

42. The Imperfect Mum

Kristy had some smooth mooooves in her Trilby when she did the On Your Head Dare!

43. The Lake House Writer

Don’t sit there and stagnate. For just one week do something that gets you out of your comfort zone. Refuse to act your age and be sensible. Who knows, you might enjoy yourself and have a giggle in the process.” Tische sums up her Style Dare experience here.

44. The McGrath’s Kitchen

Sara proved she could rock a damn fine red lip during The Red Lipstick Dare, yet has out-dared the darer when she laid down a challenge to “buy nothing new” for a year. She’s two months in and still going strong!

45. Tiny Savages

Carli’s a Style Dare extraordinaire, taking part in almost all of the Dares so far. And the images she takes are always, always gorgeous, just like her blog. Swoon!

46. Tune into Radio Carly

While she claimed she didn’t need to do The Colour Dare as she colour blocks every day 😉 she’s been an avid sparkler during The Sparkle Dare and proved she sure knows her way around a dress during The Dress Dare.

47. Under the Yardarm

A week in dresses? I can do that!” said Naomi. And she did. And she was fab. Check it out here.

48. Veggie Mama

Stacey may not eat red meat, but she does wear red lipstick. And she rocks it.

49. Wouldn’t it be loverly 

During The Dress Dare while 36 weeks pregnant, Cat slipped and broke her knee, but she reckons that wearing a dress and tights helped to keep the swelling down! Who knew a week in frocks would have medicinal benefits?

50. Writing Out Loud 

Megan’s sure been a Style Dare devil, but it was her gorgeous post on her week in dresses that was more angelic than devilish, as it featured cute pics of her sweet little girl, Abbey. Read that here.


Congratulations to the Fox in Flats Top 50 Style Dare Bloggers, and thanks for sharing your inspiring stories and tips!


Now…who’s up for another Style Dare? 

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