Oh how I looooooove vintage!

Actually, I’m being a bit poncy by saying ‘vintage’. The truth is that I simply love to discover awesome stuff that’s unlikely to be spotted on another chick while I’m pushing the little ones on the swing at the playground. And, I love to buy that awesome stuff for about the same amount as it costs me to purchase my skim flat white with half a sugar (see, there I go, being all poncy again!).

One of my all-time favourite things to do is to rifle around antique shops, second-hand stores, op shops, flea markets and garage sales for unique style treasures. It’s the thrill of the hunt, the delight in the find, that shiver of pure luck, and the poncy smugness I feel when someone compliments me on an item I discovered on a rack at Vinnes and bought for $4.

Ok, so this is a Paris flea market, not the local Salvation Army, but it looked more glam. Poncy, I know. 



Yet in spite of my long history with ‘vintage’, it wasn’t me who came up with this week’s fab dare*. It was actually suggested by my twitter buddy Caralee Caldwell who, besides having one of the coolest names around (don’t you think?!), was inspired after stumbling upon a vintage store called Retro Metro last week in Bris-Vegas:


…and with the kids grabbing for the keyboard, I hastily typed…


…but before she could answer, Natalie jumped in (which is why Twitter is so fun!) with this…


…and within seconds Caralee replied…


…and I mused…


…the Prada reference just making me look even more poncy given the only ‘Prada’ I own was bought at a market in Shanghai.


The dare: wear something ‘vintage’ every day for a week

The rules:

As in life, age is but a number, but let’s just say that it’s got to be at least 20 years old.

That said, if you genuinely feel the vintage vibe from something that’s sub-20, then it still counts ;).

If you’ve never shopped vintage, or in a thrift/charity store, this is the week to get going. And it’s a Double Dare for you. Shove $10 in your pocket and go shopping. Tips here.


We’d love to hear the back-stories of your fondest pre-loved finds, and see photos of you wearing them too – it’s part of the fun! Share it around on Facebook,  Twitter, or in the Comments section below.

Are you in? Or are you ‘chicken’?

baby hanger1 Could you wear black eyeliner all week? I DARE YOU!


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