Dare of the week: Colour In

Image: Garance Dore

This week I dare you to go colour crazy.

Specifically, I’m daring you to add at least two different colours to your outfit everyday for a week, and for these to be the feature of your outfit. Whether it’s brilliantly bold bangles, a Technicolor top,  fuchsia flats, a multi-coloured mani, lips saturated in colour, or bags bathed in blue. This week it’s about adding colour to make you pop!

And by colours, I mean any shade that appears in a rainbow or in one of those fancy looking colour wheel thingies, which by nature excludes all variations of black, white, and shades of beige.

Pick a colour!


But going colour crazy is not about being totally cuckoo, Lady Ga Ga or Bo Bo The Clown style.

It’s about being bold and trying new combinations. It’s about experimenting with a colour you never thought you’d try. Fishing out that bright top, dress or scarf that’s never really been worn and finding a way to work it. It’s about colouring in – grown up style.


I’ll admit, I’m nervous about this dare – perhaps even more than the dares we’ve run before.

Like 78% of mums, I’ve got a ‘mummy uniform’ which for me is usually jeans and a t-shirt or tank (check it here) and they’re almost always black or grey. Whether right or wrong, I’ve been a firm believer that “black makes you look thinner”, and as for grey, I think I spotted Kate Moss in a ciggie-smoke coloured outfit years ago and decided to partake, and it felt “gooooood, man.

I’m curious to see how I’ll feel this week when I creep out of the colourless-cave that is my comfort zone and drench myself in colour”.

The dare to wear red lipstick all week – inspired by the book Anonymums – made me feel empowered, and a little bit sexy.

The dare to wear a dress all week showed me that even though my wardrobe may not be filled with a plethora of flowing frocks, when pushed – and with a bit of imagination and style inspiration – I can wear the dresses I’ve got much, much more frequently, and in a variety of ways. I literally doubled my wardrobe options that week.

So I can’t help wondering how a week tipped into Technicolor will turn out?

Join in? C’mon, I dare you!”

A bit of iridescent inspiration will no doubt help, so here are some tips and ideas from the Fox in Flats files:


Brilliant beauty

Try saturating your lips and nails in brilliant bolds.

Bright lips in orange, red, or hot pink will make your face a feature (and detract from tired eyes!).

Channel your inner Smurfette with blue nailpolish, or indulge in “Skittles Nails” to satisfy your candy-coloured cravings.


Accent accessories

How about adding the accent of colour through your accessories?

Try stacks of bracelets, bright tights, or a hot hat.


Vivid on your visa

Keen to take up the dare, but your wardrobe needs a bit of a hot pink injection? Pull out the plastic and do a quick shop.

Our online picks include bright bagsshowy shoes, jazzy jeans, cheap & cheerful sunnies and from what I’ve seen of the new Coles clothing line, MIX, there are loads of bright outfit options there that you can pop into your trolley for under $40.


Technicolor Tips

Mother and celebrity stylist Sophia Banks-Coloma (who sorts out celebrities like Nicole Ritchie, Scarlett Johansson, Michelle Williams, Kirstie Alley and Rachel McAdams) shared her tips on ‘colour blocking’ here.

Why not take a leaf out of Sarah-Jessica Parker’s book and simply copy Dora the Explorer as she did here. The combo of hot pink, orange, green and yellow is simply “Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, Delicioso!“.

Or check out our Crazy for Colour file on Pinterest.


Share the Dare!

Part of the fun with these dares is checking out what we all come up with, and sharing our experiences as we go.

Is it a hassle or easier than you think? Does a dose of colour make you feel like a clown? Or a glam woman-about-town?

If you’re up for the dare, share your experiences in the comments section below, or on our Facebook or Twitter, and feel free to showcase your days of colour by attaching a photo. We might just use some of your tips in an article on site like we did here and there may be a mystery prize awarded too!


Come, join in, and let’s check out together what it actually looks like somewhere over the rainbow.


Here are just some of the fab foxes who’ve joined in so far:


Are you up for the dare? Or are you Chicken???

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