easy DIY hair mask

By Tegan Taylor

Confession time: I am a meanie. To my hair, at least.

I have naturally dry, coarse hair which I insist on chemically bleaching, dyeing all colours of the rainbow and abusing with heat styling tools. I don’t use protective creams. I forget to put in serums. I skimp on salon treatments because I am stingy.

It’s about time I started giving back to my hair, and what better (and cheaper) way to do so than with a DIY hair mask? There are more home hair mask recipes in internet-land than there are colours on a Goldwell chart, but many of them have specialty ingredients or leave me suspecting I would be walking around for the next week with leftover chunks of banana and avocado stuck in my hair.

This one is a winner: the protein in the egg repairs damaged hair, the oil and honey attract and lock in moisture, and there are no lumps or chunks to get caught in your strands and attract sideways glances at the supermarket. Provided you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients, it is a lovely, natural treat for your hair, safe around kids and to use while pregnant (just don’t go eating the raw egg!). And best of all, it costs next to nothing.

Ready to get your mask on? Let’s go!


Honey, egg and olive oil home hair mask


Hair mask ingredients: olive oil, eggs and honey


What you’ll need

Two eggs (I used the yolks only, but folks with oily hair can swap these for egg whites, which help reduce grease)

Three teaspoons of runny honey

Three teaspoons of olive oil

Optional: a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil for fragrance


All mixed up and ready to apply!

All mixed up and ready to apply


What to do

Mix ingredients until smooth. Wash your hair with shampoo only (don’t condition), then apply the mask to damp hair using your fingers or a tint brush. Work from the tips up and don’t saturate your hair near the scalp — this will help you avoid coming away with oily roots. Comb through to distribute evenly, pop on a plastic cap to avoid drips and give it 15-30 minutes to do its work.

Mid-mask selfie

Mid-mask selfie

Rinse thoroughly in the shower with warm — not hot — water. You don’t want to cook that egg! No need to condition; just dry and style as usual.

Et voila: shinier, healthier hair. Locks, consider this repayment for all the meanness I’ve subjected you to in the past!




I can’t be the only hair meanie out there! C’mon, spill — how do you abuse your hair?

And have you ever tried a DIY mask before? What was the mix, and how’d it turn out? 


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