7 Days of Hairstyle How-to’s: Zoey

At Fox in Flats, we’re all about sharing tips and ideas to make it easier to navigate motherhood in style. In this new series – 7 days of hairstyle how-to’s – we’ll be sharing hairstyle tips and ideas from some of our readers.

Each Sunday, we’ll have a different ‘Contributing-Fox’ take us through the 7 different things she did with her hair over 7 consecutive days. We’ll also include her step-by-step instructions so you can re-create the hairstyles you like at home over the upcoming week.

The idea came about after we ran a challenge to see if we could wear our hair in a different style each day for 7 days straight. We called it The Hair Dare. We were inundated with so many awesome hairstyles that we’d be doing a disservice to ‘The Sisterhood’ if we didn’t share these ‘dos around.


This week’s hairstyle how-to’s are brought to you by: Zoey.

Day 1 – Bun with Braids
I will never admit how long this took me to do. Not the actual hairstyle. That was relatively quick. But coming up with something that didn’t just involve putting my hair into a bun at the back. You’ll note that I still did a bun at the back. My creativity knows no limits. NONE.


Hairstyle How-to:

1 – I parted my hair and split each side into two and did a total of four braids.
2 – I then pulled everything into a bun at the back.


Day 2 – Side Part and Simple Bun
You’ll notice I’m not deviating from the bun here. In my defence I have a nine month old baby with very grabby hands. If my hair isn’t back, it gets pulled excessively. On this day I was up before dawn and doing a whole lot of travelling with two kids so I wanted something that I wasn’t going to muck up at 4am in the morning.


Hairstyle How-to:
1. Create a side part
2. Pull all the hair back in a bun


Day 3 – Messy French Braid
Messy because I have a lot of hair. I have the kind of hair volume that colourists charge me extra to colour. The kind of hair that even though it has fallen out in chunks thanks to breastfeeding, there’s still heaps of it. The kind of hair that could star in its own horror film.


Hairstyle How-to:
1. Take three sections from the top to start the braid
2. Cross the right strand over the middle strand
3. Add some hair from the right side of your head into the right strand.
4. Cross the left strand over the middle strand
5. Add some hair from the left side of your head into the left strand.
6. Continue until you’ve incorporated all of your hair and then plait until finished.


Day 4 – Three Buns

As far as up-styles go I was officially running out of ideas on this day. Particularly given my hair supplies were limited to a brush and my preschooler’s snag-free hair elastics.

Hairstyle How-to:

1. Section hair into three parts – top, middle and bottom

2. Brush each section into a pony tail

3. Twist each pony tail into a bun


Day 5 – Zig Zag Part and Twist
Oh look at me I found a hair clip! I am not a natural blonde. I know. You are shocked right now. Barely able to contain yourself. But I’m about two weeks in and my roots are starting to show. So a zig zag part does wonder to hide that.
This was the day that I got bored, shaped my eyebrows and put make up on for the first time in a millennium. And it stuck for the rest of the week.
Thank you hair dare!


Hairstyle How-to:
1. I used my alligator clip to part the hair in a zig zag shape
2. Brushed it smooth
3. Pulled back into a twist and secured with alligator clip


Day 6 – Two Plaits
Sure my husband kept teasing me and called me ‘Heidi’ for the day but I think they looked kind of cool.


Hairstyle How-to:
1. Part the hair (I did the middle but you could use a side part as well)
2. Brush the hair and position behind your hair before starting the plait
3. Plait and then finish with a hair elastic


Day 7 – Two Buns
It didn’t occur to me that I might look like Princess Leia. I am slow that way. [Insert dumb blonde joke here]


Hairstyle How-to:
1. Part hair and brush into two pony tails
2. Twist hair around and fasten with hair elastic (or bobby pins if you have actual hair supplies)


And there you have it: the 7-Day Hair Dare, as interpreted by the lovely Zoey.

Thanks Z for sharing.

Zoey is the mother of one preschooler (the googy) and one baby (the squishy). In her former life she bought lots of handbags and wore a vast array of high heels. She also did lots of things alone – she went to the movies alone, ate alone and even enjoyed having a quiet drink alone. Now she does nothing alone. She lives in regional Australia and loves it but still misses her shoes. Zoey is a reformed perfectionist, writer, parent adventurer, chaos manager, tiny dictator lover, baby snuggler, photographer and social media addict. She blogs in words and pictures at Good Googs. You can find her on Twitter and on Facebook.


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Here’s to a week of fab, foxy hair! 

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