10 little red ways to get glam this week. Dare you!

One thing no-one warned me about before I had kids was the impact it would have on my hands.

Digits that were previously spent tap-dancing over the keyboard of a computer, or aimlessly, dreamily curling through locks of hair were now being used to wipe, massage, stroke, wash, wipe, wipe, and wipe. Hands were soapily scrubbed and purposefully dried to ensure my amazing creation of Baby remain protected from the germy germs of the world.

So my hands – and nails – got nailed.

Fast-forward years later, and my nails often remain neglected. While a mani is always on my to-do list, it’s often the thing that falls by the wayside as I juggle the usual stuff in my life. Time (and money) to get my nails professionally done is scarce, and an at-home manicure is either interrupted mid-buff and subsequently forgotten about. Or, if I do by some miracle manage to get my nails lacquered up, there’s inevitably some sort of issue involving Lego – or more wiping – that ends in chipping and/or smudging.

Nails nailed again.

This week, we’re continuing our series of style challenges by daring ourselves to maintain our nails to perfection all week, and to polish them in the most classic of all colours: red.

Throughout history fingernails have been painted and adorned – a tradition that dates as far back as 5,000 BC when women in India would dye the tips of their fingers with henna. Around 3000 BC the Chinese concocted a lacquer that included crushed orchids and rose petals to create a reddish tone when applied to the nails. But it wasn’t until the 1920’s when flappers broke all kinds of fashion rules that red nail polish really took off.

This week, we’re bringing them back with a vengeance.”

6 reasons to try the red nail polish dare:

1. It’ll force you to find time to sit down, uninterrupted, to focus on yourself.

2. In making the time to maintain your polish all week, you just might discover that finding ‘me time’ isn’t as hard as it actually sounds.

3. You’ll feel really girly: There’s nothing as feminine as having a manicure!

4. Red nail polish is sexy, strong, and classic. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that at their fingertips all week?

5. Pardon the pun, but nothing will add polish to your outfit faster.

6. You’ve probably already got a bottle of red nail polish banging around in a drawer somewhere, crying to be used. Or if not, there’s a shade of racy red polish at the local store with your name on it, from as little as $5. Cost of entry to this dare = LOW.

7. We’ll call you “chicken” if you don’t join in. “Burk, Burk, Burk!


The Dare: Polish your nails red, and maintain them to perfection for a week.

The rules:
  • Join in whenever you like, but to complete the Dare you need to do it for 7 days straight.
  • Choose whichever shade of red you like, but the racier the better.
  • You need to maintain your nails for the entire week. Re-polish them, fix those chips, and show them extra love.


Need inspiration? Oh la la! 


What’s a dare without proof that you’ve done it?

We wanna see your gorgeous glossy red nails, and we wanna hear how you go with the dare this week.

So upload your photos in the comments section below, or share them on Facebook or Twitter, using #rednaildare, and let us know how you’ve felt with 10 shiny red nails accompanying you on your travels throughout the week.

If you’ve got some great tips for maintaining your mani, please share away!


So… are you in? Or are you ‘Chicken’?

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x Andrea

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