Dare of the week: Wear something on your head

Do you dress from head to toe?

Do you now, as a grown-up, wear a clip or a bow?

Would you wear a scarf upon your head?

Or would you rather endure the pain of childbirth instead?

This week’s dare is to wear something on your head,

from the time you get dressed, until you toddle off to bed.

How about a feather or a flower or a brooch?

(for some it’ll be easy so we won’t need to coach)

A Trilby, a beret – any sort of hat,

But a simple hair-tie won’t count – don’t try to get away with that!

So what do you think? Are you in on this dare?

It’s simple, just wear something ornate in your hair!

And give us proof!

We love to look.

Post your photos here,

on Twitter or Facebook.


For tips, ideas and inspiration:

Check out Fox in Flats on Pinterest. The files ON with her headHot hats, and Hair are chock-a-block with ideas.


Unsure about how to wear certain items? Try these:

How to wear a headband without looking like Alice-in-Wonderland

How to wear a headscarf without looking like Captain Feathersword

How to wear a beret without looking like a mime

5 pigtail hairstyles you can wear without being confused for your daughter


And for ideas on how to accessorise your pony-tail, bun, do a Quick Chick Clip Trick or even if you have the world’s shortest hair or are bald, just click on the links.


Here are some of the photos sent to us from women who have participated in the dare so far:


And huge congratulations to Norlin who has WON a $100 accessory pack from eQUIP for her awesome effort with the dare. For more stunning pics and hot hair ideas from foxes who have participated in the dare so far – and to WIN a $100 eQUIP accessory pack for yourself, click here.


Are you up for the dare? Or are you Chicken???

baby hanger



Got a style dare you’d like to propose? Email FoxInFlats {dot} com {dot} au with your idea – we’ll choose a new one each week. 

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