DARE OF THE WEEK: Let us peek inside your wardrobe

There’s something oh so voyeuristic about seeing how someone keeps their stuff. If you’ve ever poured over those magazine spreads of what’s inside a woman’s handbag, or peeped inside someone’s bathroom cabinet, you’ll know exactly what I mean. And it’s the same with wardrobes.

Seeing how someone arranges their closet is pervy to the max.”

Not only does it show you the array of stuff they have, but more interestingly, it shows you how they organise it – and this can be a fascinating insight into how their mind ticks.

Do they hang things by colour, type or season? Are they a neat folder or a messy scruncher? Is their wardrobe filled with nooks and crannies for different items, or is it a hodge-podge of stuff shoved in at random, with a pool of clothes languishing on the floor?

Sometimes magazines showcase the beautifully lit and shot wardrobes of the rich and famous. They’re all so glamorous and immaculate, and styled to within an inch of themselves, with nary a dirty-clothes basket in sight.


Yet I wonder… would Kim Kardashian be game to show us what her wardrobe really looks like without the props, lighting, styling, and  photoshopping? Probably not. It’s about as likely as seeing her in a genuine relationship.


But how about you?

Could YOU be game to show us what YOUR wardrobe really looks like? Would you, could you, let someone peek inside your closet?

This weeks dare came from Pene Turner, a Perth-based mother of 3, who has dared the readers of Fox in Flats to reveal the insides of our closets.

Does the idea make you squirm? Me too. BIG TIME.

I just looked in my wardrobe (and the obligatory pile of clothes jumbled up nearby on a spare chair) and cringed at the thought of documenting my hodge-podge messiness. But then, dares are all about taking us out of our comfort zones, and seeing if we’ve got the guts to take part.

To that end, I’ll suck it up and go first. Here’s my wardrobe. Actually, wardrobes. Somehow my stuff has ended up distributed in various spots throughout the house. I’ve not tidied or styled things up for these photos, and to be honest, am feeling really, really weird and uncomfortable about sharing the photos. For me, this has been the hardest of all the dares we’ve run on Fox in Flats so far.

Oh man, sharing these photos has really taken me out of my comfort zone…! 


I try to group things according to when I wear them: gym gear, casual stuff and some accessories in one wardrobe. Special occasion dresses in another, along with some of my heels. My day-to-day clothes, shoes and bags in a third.

I’ve always got a pile of clothes on a chair, or hanging off any available surface.

You’d think at my age I’d be a little tidier, but by now I’ve decided it works for me and I don’t really care. Gulp. There’s a guilty secret!

I’ve never really got the knack of folding neatly – despite years of working in retail to pay my way through university. And while I aspire to having matching coathangers and colour-coding my stuff, I know it just ain’t gonna happen.



The Dare: Show us inside your wardrobe.

Thanks to Pene, here’s this week’s dare.

Send in a photo of the inside of your wardrobe – so we can either ooh and aah at your brilliance and organisation, or nod sagely and comfortingly at your chaos.”

Take a photo of your wardrobe as it is right now – don’t be tempted to tidy it up!

Then, share it either in the Comments section below (click on the +Image do-dad to attach the photo), or share it on the Fox in Flats Facebook or on Twitter with the hashtag #wardrobedare.

And because at Fox in Flats we’re all about sharing tips and ideas, be sure to add your best tips for having a wardrobe that works for you.


So c’mon… dare you to show us the inside of your closet!

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