DARE OF THE WEEK: Bring Sexy Back

There are elements of motherhood that are down-right unsexy. What these are may differ from person to person, but the first things that pop into my mind are breast pads, and the granny-style knickers you’re supposed to wear post-birth.

And for many women, the impact of childbirth on sexuality can be felt for many years to come.

This week, as part of the Fox in Flats series of style challenges*, we’re daring you to bring your sexy back. And in the context of this dare, we’re not talking about having sex. We’re talking about wearing things, or treating yourself to things that make you feel sexy and sensual.

Acclaimed Australian fashion designer Peter Morrissey summed this up succinctly when we interviewed him a while back:

“…for me, sexy equals sensual. And sensual is anything that makes you feel better about yourself.”

For some of you, this sexiness, or sensuality may never have waned. Yet for others, it may be part of your lives that has all but evaporated since your little ones have arrived.

So the challenge this week, my foxy friends, is to wear something (or treat yourself to something) that is sensual, and that makes you feel lovely, womanly and sexy.


Some suggestions to get your motor running:

  • Wear that gorgeous lingerie that may be languishing in your drawers – make sure it matches!
  • Use your favourite body cream that you’ve been saving for a special occasion.
  • Spritz your most seductive fragrance in the places you’d like to be kissed (regardless of whether there’s anyone to receive them from!)
  • Consider what outfit, or items of clothing you own that you feel the most attractive in, and be sure to wear them.
  • Wear red lipstick. Damn, you could Double Dare and do The Red Lipstick Dare at the same time!

But unlike the other dares, I won’t encourage you to share photos. I’d hate to be inundated with a bunch snapshots from foxy mums in their special lingerie and for Fox in Flats to become a haven for MILF porn on the internet! Instead, drop us a line in the Comments section below, or on Twitter #sexyback or Facebook, sharing how you’re bringing your sexy back.

So, in the words of JT:

I’m bringing sexy back (yeah!)

Them other mothers don’t know how to act…

Take ’em to the bridge!”

So c’mon… dare you to bring your sexy back!

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*The Fox in Flats DARE OF THE WEEK challenges were inspired by The Anonymums who, bored with the perceived monotony of their lives, played Truth or Dare with one another, with entertaining results. Buy the book here for $23.75.


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