I got my brazilian in the supermarket aisle

I’ve always wanted to get one of those Brazilian straightening treatments in a salon, but at around $500 per treatment it’s simply not in my budget.


So instead I tried a Brazilian Keratin Straightening treatment from Organix that I picked up at my local supermarket for about $30.


It promises to transform your hair into silky smooth locks thanks to an exclusive blend of organic cocoa nut oil, keratin proteins, avocado oil and cocoa butter, and claims to last for up to 30 days. So well worth a try, right?!


This is me when I wake up in the morning after using my GHDs the day before…


Then, when I wash my hair and let it dry, it looks like this…..



Then I tried the Organix Brazilian Keratin Straightening treatment, and after following the directions (which included about an hour of drying and straightening with the GHD’s) my hair looked like this!



…And guess what?  Hubby told me I looked beautiful!  That’s worth every cent in itself!


The treatment costs $29.99 and looks like this:


And it’s best to use with the full product range, which in my bathroom looks like this:


I do however leave you with one WARNING – if your child/toddler happens to be unusually quiet while you are in the middle of your treatment, it could be because they are doing this…

Thanks to A.J. for another great article! x Andrea


What’s the most you’ve paid for a hair treatment before? Was it worth it?

And what’s the worst act of vandalism your kids have inflicted when you’ve been otherwise engaged? 

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