2013 top stuff so far

By Andrea Zanetich

We’re sprinting toward the halfway mark of the year already, and while I always say “never look back,” sometimes it’s fun to see just how much ground we’ve covered.

So in the spirit of those mid-year reviews corporate-types find so necessary for June/July, here’s the Fox in Flats Top 13 posts (so far) of 2013*:

How to break the at-home tracky dack blahs

Relaxing at home by Archetype Studio Inc.

What not to say to someone who’s trying to have a baby

what not to say to someone trying to have a baby fertility infertility


11 Beauty time-savers for foxes on the run

beauty time-savers

5 Wardrobe essentials for autumn from uber-stylist Sophia Banks-Coloma

Autumn Wardrobe Essentials


Talking mum-to-mum with Sarah Murdoch

Sarah Murdoch chats with Fox in Flats Andrea Zanetich


How to style wet hair (without looking like you were just too lazy to blowdry it)

wet hair

11 Ways to be frugal and foxy

frugal and foxy

7 Jean trends to try now

Fox in Flats Motherhood in Style Andrea Zanetich 2


Psst! 7 Sneaky beauty secrets (pass it on!)



Mother’s Day (when there is no mum)

Mothers day when you dont have a mum


Er, yes, someone just said this: “Women these days are so ambitious and can’t wait to offload their kids to childcare.” 

women and childcare


4 Ways to break out of ponytail Groundhog Day

ponytail groundhog day


7 Style strategies for women with small breasts

Style strategies for women with small breasts



Want more?

The 21 Most popular posts on Fox in Flats

most popular posts on Fox in Flats



* These were the most-read posts published on Fox in Flats since we cheered “Happy New Year” on Jan 1st 2013, not counting the Style Dare a Day posts or giveaways which both go kinda nuts. 


Have you had a favourite post ’round these parts?

And what would you like to see more of on Fox in Flats? 


baby hanger1 The 1 minute hairdo for thick, fine AND out of control hair

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