Psst! 7 Sneaky Beauty Secrets {Pass It On!}


By Tegan Taylor

When getting dressed and out the door in the morning is less of a ‘one-woman show’ and more an ‘ensemble drama’ (with the emphasis on drama), we mums sometimes need to get creative with our daily routines.

So we asked the Fox in Flats community to share their sneakiest style secrets and found that when it came to beauty, they had it down to a fine, multi-disciplined art – and an art well worth your learnin’.

So read on to discover dual purposes for lipstick, how to fake the glow of a full night’s sleep and even some more permanent shortcuts for looking great on the fly.


7 Sneaky Beauty Secrets


1. Keep it simple

So many of our Foxes had a go-to combination of just two or three products that helped get them out the door in the morning, fast.

The holy trinity of makeup – bronzer, concealer and a cream blush. There’s nothing better when you need to ‘fake awake.'”


“Curl your lashes, wear a bright red, orange or pink lipstick over a tinted moisturiser, then add a dash of the same lipstick patted onto your cheeks.”


“I slap on a tinted moisturiser/sunblock combo. It’s light so not too ‘make-uppy’ but still evens out my skin. I then use an eyelash curler and a bit of mascara.”


“For days when I need to do make up quickly, I just put on primer, powder, blush, mascara and red lippie. OR if my skin is looking great, just the lippie and mascara!”


“Bright lippy – because it detracts the focus away from tired eyes. And a good concealer. Plus a BB Cream – no need for primer, foundation, moisturiser or sunscreen as it’s an all in one. And unlike tinted moisturisers, I don’t need to apply setting powder either.”


stila bronzer

Stila custom colour self-adjusting bronzer $22.79



2. Get a professional opinion


“The best thing I did for myself was find a fantastic make-up consultant at the local David Jones store. I told her I wanted a simple, easy-to-manage look that made me feel good, and she introduced me to the wonders of red lipstick (I now wear it almost everyday) and china doll eye eyeliner in dark brown, which I brush along my top eyelid just above the lashes. A little foundation and I’m ready to face the world looking bright and alert, no matter what the previous 24 hours threw at me. Having someone show me how to apply a small amount of make-up well has made a huge difference.”




3. Shortcuts that last a long time


“I invested $100 in eyelash extensions, then $20 per fortnight for touch ups – I put on a tinted moisturizer and gloss in the morning and whammo, I’m ready to roll. Don’t know what I would do without those eyelashes now!”


“I’ve had eyebrows tattooed on permanently. Has made a huge difference to my face (I had almost invisible eyebrows before). No one can tell!”




4. Conceal and reveal


After concealing those pesky under-eye bags, I sweep the concealer over my whole eyelid – it really makes your eyes pop. And when I see myself, it helps to convince me I’m a little less tired!”




5. Brighten your smile


“White teeth – not Shane Warne-holy-crap-put-your-sunglasses-on white – just the white that you get when you brush your teeth well and get to the dentist for a regular clean! I use a tooth whitening toothpaste and so far, that seems to do the job on removing tea and coffee stains. I think a lovely white smile makes ANY outfit look good.”




6. Get glowing


“Every morning I put bio-oil across my cheeks and it looks like I’m glowing from a fab night’s sleep. Sure, it’s been so long since I’ve actually had one that I’ve forgotten what it feels like, but at least I look the part!”


Bio Oil

Bio Oil $26.95

7. Bring in the big guns

Botox. I love it. Why don’t people ‘fess up about this?”


Another (anonymous) lass who braved the needle confessed: “My friends comment on how good my skin looks all the time, and I’ve never told them. I don’t think I ever will…”



What’s your sneaky beauty shortcut? Come on, let us in on the secret!



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