Foxy’s had a facial

By Andrea Zanetich

I ran into a girlfriend the other week who I’d not seen for about six months. And despite having a little kid yanking at her arm, another one bouncing about in the pram, and complaining that she was yet to have a night not interrupted by her babies, she looked incredibly fresh. Her skin looked dewy and smooth, her eyes clear, and her teeth sparkling white.

Being one of those girls who’ll sometimes speak before I think, I blurted out, “Kate, you look so amazing – fill me in!”

Luckily, she knows me pretty well, and took no offence to my tactlessness. Instead she became an open book of beauty tips, sharing in a low voice the treatments, polishes, potions and yes, injections that she’d been dabbling with since I’d last laid eyes on her. She was always a beauty, but with that extra bit of professional help (and more than a few bucks) she’s looking like a fresher  version of herself.

And that’s what’s happened with Fox in Flats today.


A fresh look for Fox in Flats

If you’re a regular reader you might notice things are looking a little different ‘round these parts today. Like my girlfriend, I’ve been getting a bit of professional help to give ‘ol Foxy a fresher look.

The previous site design was created by me just over two years ago, accompanied by a copy of ‘Wordpress for Dummies’, a confused expression, and many, many glasses of red wine. I shared that story in an interview with blogging guru Annabel Candy which she very generously called How to Spend Less and Still Get a Brilliant Blog Design.

But I recently handed Fox in Flats over to my friend and clever designer Kelly Exeter, along with a brief to “make Fox in Flats look like it’s just come back from the world’s best health spa.” Kinda like my friend Kate, but without the botox 😉

I hope you like it.

Fox in Flats site design 2013


A fresh new face on Fox in Flats

Meet Tegan!

Tegan’s been giving me a hand on Fox in Flats for most of this year – a bit of writing (you can see all her great posts here) and more recently, a bit of admin. I just realised I’d been slightly rude not to introduce her around!

Even though we’ve never even met face-to-face (she lives in Brisbane, I live in Sydney) it’s been amazing to have a little bit of extra help  from someone so clever, kind and let’s face it, cute. Check out that smile!

Tegan Taylor

But because it feels like she seamlessly drifted into Fox-Land, I had to get her to jog my memory on how we met in the first place.

Here’s what she emailed back:

“I stumbled across Fox in Flats when I was pregnant with my first child in 2011 and was wondering how on earth to hold onto my sense of style while dressing a body that was changing weekly. It was so great to find practical tips on how to look awesome while pregnant (and later, with a new bub). Once I learned a few new style lessons on my own, I wanted to share them! That’s when I got in touch with you about being a contributor for the site.”

Tegan is at a different stage of motherhood than me (she’s got a toddler, and a baby on the way) so she’ll be largely focussing on topics relevant to that.

And being a writer by trade, she knows her way around the correct placement of an apostrophe. She also shares her writing at and



And as for me, I’ll be here as always hangin’ out in my rollers, and am always up for a chat in the comments section below or on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


I hope you enjoy the burst of freshness ’round these parts!”

x Andrea

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