Mum! Why didn’t you keep that?!

The other day, I found this photo of my mum rocking an incredible fuchsia-patterned shift while sitting next to a Hills Hoist. The year was 1973.

And then I found this photo of my cousin rockin’ the same amazing fuchsia-patterned shift, while standing next to a chubby little bikini-wearing bride-to-be. It was 1977.

And now, all I can think is:

“Muuuuum! Why didn’t you keep that dress?!”

I could really see myself rockin’ that fabulous fuchsia-patterned dress today – preferably with a glass of champagne sitting next to me.

Have you ever discovered a photo of your mum wearing an awesome outfit and wished she’d kept it for you?

Or, has your mum kept a treasure trove of fabulous frocks that you’re dipping into regularly? 

C’mon share!

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