7 ways to read fox in flats

Because legendary women need options!

By Andrea Zanetich

As we’re all super busy, it can be hard to keep up with the amount of info that comes zooming past us. And the way we like to dip into blogs differs from person to person.

So here’s 7 ways you can hook into the latest on Fox in Flats, besides simply typing our name into your browser.

Choose one, or choose a selection that floats your boat.

But whichever you choose, don’t forget to say “Hi!”, as I do love a chat!


1. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

This is a summary of all posts from the week prior, and from time-to-time contains special updates, competitions and other news.

Timing: Delivered to your email inbox every Monday.

Subscribe here.


2. Feedly

This is handy if you follow a bunch of different blogs and are keen to keep in the loop with all of their content.

Timing: Each post is updated on publication. Log on at your leisure for updates.

Sign up to Feedly (you can also import your Google Reader list by end June 30th automatically), simply search Fox in Flats and add it to your list.


3. Bloglovin’

Bloglovin’ is another reader which shows you a summary of each new post, and you then click through to read it on Fox in Flats.

Timing: Posts are updated on publication, and you can set email alerts such as daily or weekly.

Follow Fox in Flats with Bloglovin.


4. Facebook

Whenever we publish a new article it’s immediately shared on the Fox in Flats Facebook page with links. We also scatter recent posts on Facebook throughout the week in case you missed it the moment it comes out.

Timing: As it happens, and within the first week of publication.

Friend Fox in Flats on Facebook.


5. Twitter

Similar to how we roll with Facebook, in that we’ll share new articles on publication, and scatter across that week and in different time zones in case you missed it on publication.

Timing: As it happens, and within the first week of publication.

Follow Fox in Flats on Twitter.


6. Instagram

I always post a pic of the latest post on the Fox in Flats Instagram feed. It’s great as an alert, but at the moment there’s no fuctionality to allow you to click straight to a specific article.

Timing: As it happens.

Follow Fox in Flats on Instagram here.


7. Daily email updates

If you’re keen to keep on top of Fox in Flats articles as they are published, this is a good option for you. A summary of each article is delivered to your email inbox. I’m working on making this set up a bit prettier so bear with me!

Timings: Whenever we publish something new – usually 4 times per week.

Subscribe to daily emails from Fox in Flats (look on the right hand side, about a quarter way down and you’ll see the email option)


subscribe to fox in flats newsletter

Click here to receive our weekly newsletter.



How do you usually come across new articles on Fox in Flats?

I’d love some feedback or ideas on how to make this better and/or easier for you.


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