FABruary: A Style Dare a Day For a Month of Fabulousness

By Andrea Zanetich

February is just so fabulous.

New Year’s Resolutions are in full swing, or entirely forgotten.

The social calendar relaxes a little, leaving lazy weekends to be filled with ocean dips and barefoot barbecues.

Work, school, and child-care schedules are up and running, leaving a teeny bit more head-space to think about ourselves and the personal routines that’ll suit us best for the year ahead.

It’s like January is the front door to the year – where you’re busy shaking off where you’ve been, and are caught up in a flurry of greetings, kisses and sweaty embraces. Which makes February the foyer. That spot where you look around, get your bearings, and prepare to make a dazzling entrance.

So to make sure we’re walking boldly into 2013, we’ve created another month-long Style Dare: FABruary.

The aim? To put the focus back on you, in little ways, to bring out your fabulousness!

FABruary Style Dare


Tips, ideas and inspiration for each day in #FABruary

1. Sunglasses

The radder the better. If you’re in the market for a new pair, Cat’s Eye sunglasses are bang on trend – our faves here – or why not build a whole wardrobe of cheap & chic sunnies? We’ve found the best on the ‘net for under $40 a pop.


2. Glitter

Because while we’ve all got glitter in our veins, sometimes we’ve gotta let those sparkles out! Here’s a bunch of ideas for working winking, glinting, twinkling things into your outfit.


3.  Checks/Plaid

Gingham, checks, plaid…whatever you call it, it’s all about lines going criss-cross. Why not experiment and mix your prints? Click here for 6 fail-safe tips for mixing checks with other patterns.


4.  Ponytail

Er, no, a one second scraped-back ponytail ain’t gonna cut it today! Try these simple tips to dress up your pony, copy Gwyneth’s messy pony, or try this fast, polished ponytail that looks like you’ve gone to loads of effort.


5.  Leather

Jackets, cuffs, skirts, pants, shoes, bags…today’s the day to bring out your leathers. But the Leather Tuscadero style hand-shake is optional.


6.  Green

Emerald Green is the Colour Of The Year, but today you get to pick your preferred shade. Show Kermit that it is easy being green!


7. Statement earrings

Long and dangly, wide and chunky, bright and sparkly. However you roll today, let your ears to the talking. And if you’re feeling really crafty, why not get creative and DIY like these Dolce & Gabbana inspired pasta earrings?


8. Noisy

Bracelets that jangle, shoes that clatter, a skirt that whispers when you walk, or earrings that tinkle. Find your noisiest items and create a style orchestra!


9.  Killer Heels

The kinda heels that you’d be willing to die for. But to make sure you remain as comfy as possible, check out these 5 tips for surviving in heels.


10. Bright

C’mon blind us!


11. Belted

Belt your dress, belt your pants, belt your wrist – mix, match and think outside of the box. Grab a scarf or a men’s tie and cinch around your waist, and try different positions to secure your belt. You’d be surprised how it can change your silhouette.


12. Orange lipstick

Frank Sinatra said “Orange is the happiest colour” and who’s to argue with Ol’ Blue Eyes? If you’re yet to tango with tangerine, today’s the day to do it. An orange lipstick will whiten your teeth, and wake up your whole look. Our faves? Revlon Orange Flip or MAC Morange.


13. Flats

Foxy ones, of course!


14. Quiff

Oft forgotten but always flattering, and works on almost every single type of hair. How high will you dare to go?


15. Furry

(And faux!)


16. Leggy

Whether it’s a flash of thigh or the entire length of leg, today’s the day to get your gams out! Smooth on some fake tan for a flawless finish or don a pair of bright tights if you’re game.


17. Laces

Pull up those laces and get ready for action! And today, why not switch them around and try different colours or finishes to breathe new life into old shoes?


18. Bun

The Librarian. The Messy. The Ballerina. The Knotted. So many tasty bun hairstyles to choose from today. Trip to the bakery optional.


19. Polka Dot

Because you’re guaranteed to smile when you wear dots!


20. Fragrance

Your signature scent, or that bottle at the back of your dresser. Apply to where you’d wanna be kissed, and reapply throughout the day. Mwah!


21. Red

Ruby lips, racy lingerie, or Dorothy-esque shoes. A hint, a splash, or a soaking, today you’re gonna see red.


22. Button up

Shirts on and buttoned to the top. Geek chic at its best.


23. Layers

The most stylish outfits are all about layers. For summer, layer tanks in pairs or triples, try them under a maxi, top with a vest or summer scarf. Experiment with colours and textures for real impact.


24. Gloss

Glossy = luxe, so get it on with glossy lips, glossy hair and the shiniest patent accessories.


25. Kicks

Yup, it’s sneaker time! The catch? Workout gear doesn’t count.


26. Vest

A tailored waistcoat or vest is a closet classic, it’s a short-cut to looking polished and is perfect for those lumpy, bumpy, kinda days. Here’s 5 ways to wear a tailored waistcoat and where to pick one up for a song.


27. Retro

Flapper. Pin-Up. Swinger. Hippie. Mod. Choose your own favourite retro style and let it inspire today’s look. Extra points for an accompanying track!


28. Pink

“I believe in pink,” said Audrey Hepburn. How ’bout you? Whether its fuschia, baby, or a fairy floss shade, let’s end FABruary channelling The Pink Ladies. As Rizzo said, “We’re gonna rule the school!



How to join #FABruary

Simply save your own copy of the Fox in Flats #FABruary  list (above) onto your computer or mobile device, then refer to it every day through February.

Or, print out a copy and pin it somewhere that you’ll see it every morning before you get dressed – it may be the bathroom mirror, the fridge, or even above the baby’s cot.

Then, simply refer to the calendar date daily, and wear the item listed for the day. We’ll be sharing handy tips, ideas and inspiration on site on Facebook and Twitter for that day’s challenge.

And most importantly? Wear it your way.


We’d love to see your styling handi-work!

Seeing how everyone interprets the daily style challenge , and getting a peek into the day-to-day lives of women around the world, is a huge part of what makes the Fox in Flats Style Dares so fun.

We’ll share our daily faves around the interwebs for your sartorial enjoyment. As @S_gale said of our last month-long style dare, DAREcember:

I loved seeing what everyone else was wearing.”


For Social Media

Share pics of your daily #FABruary efforts with us on the Fox in Flats Facebook page, on Twitter,  or Instagram using #FABruary @FoxinFlats.

Here’s a daily prompt custom-built for Instagram:

FABruary Instagram



For Bloggers

If you’ve got a blog, here’s a small button to pop on your side-bar to show you’re up for the #FABruary challenge, and to encourage your readers to join in too. Simply right click and save and link it back to this post.


Or use the html code below for sidebar buttons:

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If you blog about your #FABruary efforts, let us know so we can read your posts and share the love around.


And in keeping with the standard rules of any good Dare, if you’re too afraid to join in with this month-long challenge, we’ll call you ‘Chicken‘!”



Here’s to a month of fabulousness. Have fun and good luck! 

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